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  • Rangate FLEXset Shaper Cutters, Spacers, Shims, and Wrenches
  • FLEXset Tool Stack
  • FLEXset Tool Example
  • FLEXset Wood Samples & Spacers

Rangate FLEXset Window Cutters

If you are just getting into window production, our FLEXset is the most versatile tooling choice you can make. It's able to produce two different window styles using the same cutters, while containing the essential tools you'll be using even as your range and volume expand. Best of all, we designed it to minimize your initial investment so you can enter the market without overstretching your budget.

This set ships with standard solid carbide inserts, and can optionally be ordered with our NaDia diamond treatment applied on all insert knives.
US $13995.00
CAN $16995.00
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Product Description

The Rangate FLEXset is one of the most versatile cutter sets for 68mm tilt-and-turn windows. It’s called the FLEXset because the same core tool group is capable of also producing casement windows or exterior doors with some small tool additions.

This unique set of tooling elements is engineered to work alongside a set of included spacers to enable the production of a 68mm tilt-and-turn window. We were able to significantly reduce the cost of the FLEXset by engineering the set to use fewer tool elements elements to achieve the same cuts. The result is a far more affordable entry point for a start-up window maker, without making any compromises on the window’s thermal performance.

The FLEXset comes equipped with our standard solid carbide insert knives.

Ordering the FLEXset

Use the order form on this page to contact us with your interest in building your own window set. From there, we will contact you to learn more about your plans and specific needs. We'd like to hear from you about your shop's business plans, current equipment and experience. To us, this is far more than a sale- it's about equipping your shop with everything you'll need to succeed with your new window line, and planning your present order to build to future success.

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