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  • Rangate Spiral Cutter
  • Rangate Spiral Cutter
  • Rangate Spiral Cutter

Spiral Cutter

We first envisioned this tool as a perfect solution for tight copy shaping and pattern work, but our clients have been using it for so much more! Its innovative design featuring top and bottom spurs lets you rabbet, perform edge joining, and control tight contours and edges with a finish-quality cut. For anyone doing complex pattern or guide work, this tool will quickly become a workshop essential.
US $895.95
CAN $1195.95
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Product Description

The tool body of our spiral cutter is taller and thinner than other similar tools in the marketplace- this allows for tighter pattern cutting, giving you a superior level of control and precision in your copy shaping. With this tool, you can work with thicker materials and more complex patterns, while still maintaining a finish-quality cut. Mill beautiful custom furniture with tight curves, perfectly circular tabletops, or whatever solid-wood application you're building.

This tool ships with an 80mm bearing for pattern work. It comes equipped with our standard solid carbide insert knives, along with a T-wrench for knife replacements.

Technical Data

• Cutter Body Dimensions: 80x80 mm
• Tool Bore 1-¼" standard- other bore sizes available upon request.

Click for an expanded wood drawing of this cutterhead. (PDF, 800kb)

Set-Up & Maintenance

By engineering this cutter with spur knives at the top and bottom, we ensured it delivers smooth, even 90° rabbet along tall pieces, even on solid hardwoods. You'll be able to work with pieces too tall for standard rabbeting tools, opening up a whole new range of possibilities. Best of all, superior performance doesn't come with increased maintenance costs- it uses inexpensive and standard-sized spur knives, saving our clients long-term costs in maintenance and time.

To ensure your tools will always be ready for use, we recommend keeping one spare set of insert knives on hand for your cutter- check this illustration to find the product codes for this cutter.

Download Insert Knife Guide PDF
Position Knife Code Description Quantity per Tool Quantity per Order
A RSKS100.014.14.20 Spur Knife 14x14x2.0 mm x 30° 4 10
B RSKS100.015.15.25 Spur Knife 15x15x2.5 mm 16 10

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