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  • Shear Rabbeting Cutter
  • Spiral Cutter
  • Thin Adjustable Groover 4-.7.5mm
  • Adjustable Grooving Cutter 15-30mm with Tenoning Sample
  • Adjustable Grooving Cutter 15-30mm
  • Profile Cutter Set

Craftsman Series Shaper Tool Set

The Craftsman Series builds on the foundation of our Joinery Series, adding a precision thin adjustable groover and our versatile spiral cutter. These tools expand your possibilities, enabling you to do tight copy shaping, as well as thin grooving all the way down to 4mm. This set is right for woodworkers looking for the freedom to create creative, custom projects featuring edge joining, slim joinery, and tight contours with a finish-quality cut.
US $3411.45
CAN $4234.45
US $2900.00
CAN $3520.00
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Product Description

For ten years, we’ve worked with clients making just about every project you can build with a shaper. This set contains the best advice we can give on tooling up your machine. No matter what you make, or how you put it together, these cutters provide the foundation for your work. Each is engineered with industry leading balance and design. This set also includes a pair of Rangate cut-resistant gloves- let us know your size preference!

Adding a spiral cutter to this set allows for a new world of custom and creative possibilities. The tool body of our spiral cutter is taller and thinner than other similar tools in the marketplace- this allows for tighter pattern cutting, giving you a superior level of control and precision in your copy shaping. With this tool, you can work with thicker materials and more complex patterns, while still maintaining a finish-quality cut. Mill beautiful custom furniture with tight curves, perfectly circular tabletops, or whatever solid-wood application you're building.

We optimized this set with the right blend of affordability and longevity. Our Rabbeting Cutter and Adjustable Groovers feature carbide inserts treated with our industry-leading NaDia diamond process, which build less friction for a cleaner cut and less wear on the edges- giving you an increase 3-4x more lineal feet cut before replacement. Our Profile Cutter contains 7 HSS profiles and hundreds more available to order, to give you maximum flexibility and affordability for short-run profile work.

Technical Data

Standard orders for the Craftsman Series are for 1-1/4" bore tools. We can produce sets at other bore sizes upon request.

Each Craftsman Series set contains:

1 Shear Rabbeting Cutter
1 Spiral Cutter
1 5-9.5mm Thin Adjustable Groover
1 8-15mm Adjustable Groover
1 15-30mm Adjustable Groover
1 Profile Cutter Set w/ 7 different profiles
1 Pair of cut-resistant gloves (indicate your size preference- S, M, L, XL)

Craftsman Series Tool Drawings
Click for drawings of these cutters in the set. (PDF, 3mb)

The Story of the Craftsman Series

We developed this set in partnership with Alpine Technical Workshops, which we have been proud to support since the beginning. Alpine has welcomed woodworkers from across North America and beyond- from northern Canada to New Orleans, from Maine to Hawaii, to places like the Virgin Islands, Australia, and even Bhutan. As you can imagine, these woodworkers are at all stages of woodworking production, building very different things, in all kinds of different ways.

Despite the variety, these tools are a constant for all joiners. The fundamentals- a clean rabbet, adjustable grooving, short-run profiling for those one-off jobs- don’t change, no matter what kind of work you do. If you’re not using any of these tools yet, chances are, you’ll find yourself in need of them, and sooner rather than later. That's why we built this set. After 10 years of feedback from our clients, we're confident these tools will be used often in your wood shop today, tomorrow, and 10 years from now.

We call it the Craftsman Series because it's designed for woodworkers who are ready to start designing their own projects- ambitious ideas that call for the next level of customization and detail. Curve work and precision grooving are two of the most common needs every shop experiences as they grow, so we envisioned this set to enable shops to take their creativity to the next level. Like all of our sets, all of the tools are solid, foundational tools we're confident you'll use again and again.

Looking for a scaled-down set with just the fundamentals? Try our Joinery Series set.

Wondering which cutting tools to start off with for your shaper? These sets reflect the timeless cutters every joiner should own! Both the Joinery & Craftsman Series Shaper Cutter sets contain the essential shaper cutters for solid-wood joinery to fill out your capability for most practical cuts including rabbeting, grooving, and profile shaping. Even better yet, they are 15% off when bought as a tool series package!
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