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  • T-Bushings for Shaper Cutters

Reduction Bushings for Shaper Cutters

We carry reduction bushings for a number of spindle sizes.
US $49.95
CAN $55.95
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Product Description

Rangate's stock tools feature a 1¼" bore. These bushings are compatible with most of our standard tools, but are not suitable for our adjustable grooving cutters. Please feel free to contact us to verify bushings are right for your cutter before using them.

Using bushings will not affect the accuracy or safety of your shaper operations when used correctly- consult the "Applying Bushings to your Cutter" section on this page.

Applying Bushings to Your Cutter

Step 1: Before applying bushings to any cutter, consult the tool drawings. If you're not sure, feel free to ask us. Some cutters may require additional interior sleeves, or clamping rings to ensure proper clamping pressure on the mounted tool.
Step 2: Put on a pair of cut-resistant gloves before handling your tool.
Step 3: Make sure the bushing and tool bore are clean. Wipe the outside diameter of the bushing down with a shop towel or rag, as well as the bore of the cutter. If your cut requires spacers, add them onto the bushing, so they will be between the tool body and the bushing's flange.
Step 4: Ease your bushings into the bore with a slight rotating motion. Make sure your bushings are seated flat all the way around the flange.
Step 5: Ensure that your shaper is OFF. Mount the tool on your spindle, gently easing the cutter back and forth until it is seated flat on the shoulder.
Step 6: Spin the cutter by hand to ensure it is rotating flat, with no eccentricities in its rotation.

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