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  • Rangate High-Performance Rebate Cutter - 2nd Angle
  • Rangate High-Performance Rebate Cutter

Adjustable Radius Chamfer Shear Cutter (50 mm Height)

This shop favorite is a multi-function tool with serious versatility. Rangate engineering makes the difference in delivering a three-in-one cutter that delivers a finish-quality cut in all 3 applications. This is the 50mm cutter height version of the tool; we also off a 60 mm Adjustable Chamfer Shear Cutter.
US $895.95
CAN $1195.95
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Product Description

Rebating: The shearing angle on this cutter is designed to cut cleaner, for a finish-quality cut off your shaper table. While our Shear Rabbeting Cutter delivers the same smooth cut, this cutter delivers the additional adjustable and on/off radius and chamfer capabilities all in the same shaping tool.
Radiusing: The radius knife carrier is adjustable along the full height of the cutter for the top or bottom of your workpieces, or removed entirely if your work doesn't call for radiused edges. This tool comes equipped standard with 3 mm radius knives, and can also mount 1.5 mm or 5 mm radius inserts, expanding your design options.
Chamfering: The cutter features chamfer knife positions at the top and bottom. These are on/off knives which can be added if you want to chamfer one or both sides of your workpiece, or removed for a 90° rebate.

This cutter comes fully equipped with NaDia diamond-treated solid carbide insert knives, along with the correct T-wrench(es) for replacements- see table at the bottom of this page for the full list of NaDia standard tools.

Technical Data

Cutter Diameter: 125 mm
Cutter Height: 50.6 mm
Bore: 1-1/4 "

Adjustable Radius Chamfer Shear Rabbet Cutter></a>
<a href=Click for expanded tool drawings of this cutterhead [PDF, 1.31Mb].

Insert Knife Guide

To ensure your tools will always be ready for use, we recommend keeping one spare set of insert knives on hand for your cutter- check this illustration to find the product codes for this cutter.

Download Insert Knife Guide [PDF, 732kb].
Standard Knives - RNRC125060
Position Knife Code Description Quantity per Tool Quantity per Order
A, B, C RSKR100.022.16.30 Radius Knife 3 mm 4 4
D RSK150.050.12.15 Straight Knife 50x12x1.5 mm x 45° 4 10
E RSKS150.022.19.20 Spur Knife 22x19x2.0 mm x 30° 4 10
Optional Knives - RNRC125060
Position Knife Code Description Quantity per Tool Quantity per Order
A, B, C RSKC100.022.16.45 Chamfer Knife 45° 4 (for top + bottom) 4
B, C RSKR100.022.16.15 Radius Knife 1.5 mm 4 4
B, C RSKR100.022.16.50 Radius Knife 5 mm 4 4

Other NaDia-Equipped Standard Tools
Tool Code Tool Name
RNAG1600475 Thin Adjustable Groover 4 - 7.5 mm
RNAG1600595 Thin Adjustable Groover 5 - 9.5 mm
R2AG1600815 Adjustable Groover 8 - 15.5 mm
RNAG1601224 Adjustable Groover 12.5 - 24 mm
RNAG16001530 Adjustable Groover 15.5 - 30 mm
RNAG16002040 Adjustable Groover 20.5 - 40 mm
RNAG16003060 Adjustable Groover 30.5 - 60 mm
RNMP1603060 Multi-Use Cutter
RNS125050 Shear Rabbeting Cutter
RNRC125060 Adjustable Radius Chamfer Shear Cutter
RNGJ13060 Full Reference Glue Joint Cutter
RNGJ13047 Deep Groove Glue Joint Cutter
RNFJ18014120 Adjustable Finger Joint Cutter
RNLM1601334 Lock Miter Cutter
RN6301 Lift-and-Slide Cutter
RNJ21613 Adjustable Door Jamb Cutter
RN02138 Multi-Point Euro Groove Cutter
RNCP335.180.2001V Panel Raise Cutter
RNU10082-HSK-L105 Uni-Block Cutter for CNC Routers

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