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  • CNC Router Tools by Zuani
  • Zuani CNC Router Tools

Custom Tools for CNC Routers

Custom Tooling
Custom-built tools which exceed the highest expectations for precision and accuracy are the core of our business. Every installation is unique, and so the tools we build are engineered to realize your design- every detail, every dimension, every time.

We've tooled up for projects including mass timber, CLT, prefab constructions, windows, doors, furniture, and many solid wood products. We have done projects on many joinery and shaping applications: Tenoning/mortising, profiling, shaping, doweling, drilling on shaper, CNC, moulder, and other machines.
Our Rangate WeComplete is an example of how we complete a window and door project with our client. Our project specialists follow through with our clients from research and skills to processing optimization and maintenance support.

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Our Tools

We've been designing and building advanced tools since we began- and in that time, there have been some exciting advances in what's possible. Technological advancements like serrated knife systems that perform roughing and the finish cut with one tool, and diamond coatings on all insert knives keep our tools at the forefront of innovation. Based on your machinery, feed speed, accuracy demands, and our engineering team's expertise, we can design the right tools for whatever you're creating.

We've supplied and installed high-performance tooling mounted on HSK cones for all major CNC router producers. Our successful project installs include:

  • Biesse
  • Hundegger Woodworking Machines
  • Felder
  • Weinig
  • Andi
  • Anderson
  • Homag
  • SCM
  • Thermwood
  • Onsrud
  • Weeke
  • Shoda

Our Process

Building world-class cutting tools is only the first part of what we do- ensuring each tool will work seamlessly with the machine it will run on is part of every project we take on. Whether we're tooling up a new installation or supplying new capacity to an existing machine, we don't rest until your tools have been successfully incorporated into your flow.

For new installations, our project-based system incorporates testing and installation of tools at the factory, giving your shop the peace of mind that the tools meet the specifications of your design properly, and are balanced correctly for your machine. When it's time for the installation, you'll have confidence that your new equipment will be ready for peak performance, right out of the crate.

If you have existing machinery, we work directly with all major producers to evaluate and install the right solution which achieves the highest level of performance. We work together with you to analyze the needs of your production, and create a solution optimized for your shop's unique characteristics.

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