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  • Tornado Dust Extraction Nut
  • Rangate TORNADO CNC Dust Extraction Nut
  • Rangate Profile Cutter Knife Change Guide
  • Rangate TORNADO CNC Dust Extraction Nut

Tornado® Dust Extracting Nut


This clamping nut is designed to improve dust and chip evacuation during nesting and conventional CNC Routing operations. It replaces the standard clamping nut directly on the collet chuck, and provides a dramatic improvement in evacuating dust and chip from the workpiece to your CNC machine's centralized dust collection.

Each order includes a steel 95/100 hook wrench for correct torque tightening and loosening. The same wrench is appropriate for both ER32 and ER40 units. Click here to order it individually.

US $489.95
CAN $585.95
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Product Description

This nut creates additional suction from its spiral design, which helps create a 'cyclone' effect which evacuates chip and dust from the workpiece surface to your CNC's dust collection hood. It's optimized for best results when distance of 3-10mm from the workpiece (1/8" to 3/8"), but can achieve good results up to 25mm (1") away. It works most effectively with up-cut spiral bits. The Tornado is especially recommended when cutting materials like chipboard, MDF, and coated panels.

Technical Data

Chuck Type: Compatible with every type of chuck (HSK, ISO, BT, etc.)
Maximum Tool Diameter: 68 mm
Maximum Rotation Speed: 20,000 RPM (Suggested range: 16,000-18,000)
Balance: G2.5
Weight: 0.265 kg

SKU D D1 B B1 d
RX139.501.R (ER32) 92 70 42 6 M 40 x 1.5
RX139.502.R (ER40) 92 70 42 7 M 50 x 1.5

Mounting Tornado® Clamping Nuts

First, ensure you are using the Tornado® nut which corresponds to your spring collet. For example, an ER32 collet can only be used with an ER32 Tornado nut.

Place the spring collet under the nut, applying light pressure.

Screw the chuck onto the Tornado nut slightly, by hand.

Insert the bit into the spring collet from the front side.

Place the assembly onto a mount/demount stand. Use the specialized hook wrench which comes with the nut to tighten. This wrench supplies the correct amount of torque which will not over-tighten the nut.

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