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  • ER40 Spring Collet

ER40 Spring Collets

RT123 Series
Our precision spring collets are designed to reduce vibrations on tools and machines during routing, lengthening the lifespan of your collets and tools. These are designed to meet the ER40 machine standard- consult what your chucks are designed to fit before ordering.
US $30.95
CAN $37.95
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Product Description

Like any piece of machinery, your collets require some basic maintenance. Chip or hardened resin which accumulates in a collet can cause the tool to have a slightly elliptical rotation instead of rotating in place- this will create much more vibration, resulting in a shorter lifespan, a poorer quality cut finish, and potential safety hazards. Use our Cleaning Set after use on your collets, chucks, and cones to keep running at peak effectiveness.

Collets have a finite lifespan- we recommend you refresh your collets twice a year if being run for 8-hour days, 5 days a week.

Technical Data

Dimensions of ER40 Spring Collet

Seating Collets Properly

Properly Inserting Your Collet into the Clamping Nut

• Place the collet diagonal to the clamping nut, and lock it from the side by pressing it from top.
• Screw the nut in, and be sure the shank is correctly inserted in the spring collet.
• Tighten the nut using the opposite key on the proper tightening stand.
Do not place the spring collet in the collet chuck before you have it properly inserted in the nut.

Correct Procedure for Collet Changes

• Place the collet chuck in the tightening stand.
• Loosen the clamping nut.
• Open the clamping nut and pull the cutting tool out, holding it on the shank.
• Release the collet from the clamping nut by applying lateral pressure.

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