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Torque Wrenches for Clamping Nuts

RZ052.713.N RZ052.714.N

Getting the proper tightness when setting a CNC tool is crucial- both overly tight and loose tools can be serious safety hazards. These wrenches make audible click when at the right tightness, giving you optimal performance and peace of mind.

RZ052.713.N is for ER32.
RZ052.714.N is for ER40.

US $194.95
CAN $207.95
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Product Description

While setting a tool, it's critical to tighten it appropriately- neither too lose nor too tight. If not set tight enough, the tool can come apart from the chuck while running. Setting the tool too tightly can cause damages to the tool holder, the spring collet, or the tool itself. When these wrenches are used to tighten the clamping nut, the user can apply torque firmly until the wrench makes a sharp clicking sound- this is the sign that the right amount of torque has been applied, and the nut is now at the optimal tightness.

Using Wrenches Correctly

The proper use for these wrenches depends on the collet type in use.

Collets of the type seen in drawing Dr. 1 must be tightened at the minimum torque value. Turn the adjustable torque setting on the end of the wrench all the way counter-clockwise.

Collets of the type seen in in drawing Dr. 2 must be tightened at the maximum torque value. Turn the adjustable torque setting on the end of the wrench all the way clockwise.

Torque Wrench Clamping Nut Guide

Technical Data Table

SKU Threaded Nut D L Torque for Dr. 1 Torque for Dr. 2
RZ052.713.N ER32 50 400 66-70 Nm 120-130 Nm
RZ052.714.N ER40 63 450 110-120 Nm 190-200 Nm

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