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  • Bird's Mouth Mortise Bit Set

5-Bit Set of Bird's-Mouth Mortise Bits


When you purchase the full set of 5 bits, we offer a 10% discount. Each bit features the same shank dimensions for easy changes among your whole set.

Looking for a specific bit?
Order individual bits here,
or check out the 6-bit set (with the ø20mm).

US $403.75
CAN $487.75
US $363.40
CAN $438.98
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Product Description

These bits have no handedness spiral, and will work the same spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise. The carbide tips cut cleaner than standard high-speed steel mortise bits. Our bits ship with a protective coating over the cutting edge which should be removed before using.

Order Contents

A full set contains the following items:
1pc # S210.060.CT - 6mm Mortise Bit
1pc # S210.080.CT - 8mm Mortise Bit
1pc # S210.100.CT - 10mm Mortise Bit
1pc # S210.120.CT - 12mm Mortise Bit
1pc # S210.160.CT - 16mm Mortise Bit

Technical Data

Rangate Mortise Bit Dimensions
Part Number Shank Dimensions Bit Diameter Overall Length
S210.060.CT ø16mm x 50mm 6mm 100mm
S210.080.CT ø16mm x 50mm 8mm 100mm
S210.100.CT ø16mm x 50mm 10mm 110mm
S210.120.CT ø16mm x 50mm 12mm 110mm
S210.160.CT ø16mm x 50mm 16mm 110mm
If you also want the ø20mm bit in this package, please go here to add the 6-bit discounted set to your list.

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