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Interior/Exterior Door Set

RCD Series
With up to 3 options for material thickness and up to 4 available profiles in one set, our interior & exterior door set enables a level of flexibility and customization that grows as your business does. No matter what your design calls for, our set can adapt to build timeless, beautiful interior and exterior doors. Our standard order comes equipped for slot and tenon style joinery.

Our current Special is only on the IWF show floor models in limited quantity. Orders in advance will be shipped after IWF in August.
US $2995.95
CAN $3695.95
US $2516.00
CAN $3104.00
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Product Description

We designed this set for flexibility and versatility to meet all of the types of jobs a door-producing shop will take on. Instead of placing new tool orders as your jobs change, you can rely on one set for nearly all the work you take on. We have profile and material thickness options to meet any need you've got.

Standard orders for our door set come with your choice of 1 Profile type, with insert knives to cut to a 1-3/4'' inch thickness. This set comes equipped with our standard solid carbide insert knives, along with the appropriate T- wrenches for replacements. Our standard set comes equipped for slot and tenon joinery, but can be expanded with coping heads for dowel or Domino XL joinery.

Set-Up & Maintenance

Set up is easy, and unlike other door sets in the market, no shims are required. For thicker doors, change out your set's stock knives to a set which will cut to the desired thickness- use the order form above to order as a whole set. To ensure your tools will always be ready for use, we recommend keeping one spare set of insert knives on hand for your cutters.

Rangate will be at IWF Booth #8100 this year! These IWF Floor Models are our best pricing of the year, so there's no need to wait until the show- the best deal is available now, whether you're planning to go or not.

Advance commitment is required to reserve floor model items, and in some cases the item will be shipped after the IWF show in August. Limited quantities are available- Please submit an inquiry for availability.
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