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  • Rangate Vari Angle Shaper Cutter
  • How to Do 5 Different Cuts with a Vari Angle Cutter
  • Rangate Vari Angle Shaper Cutter

Vari Angle Cutter

Our Universal Swivel Vari Angle Cutter features unique engineering which allows both wings to be adjusted at the same time. It's flexible enough to do the work of several different tools!

This may also be referred as Vary Angle Cutter.
US $1195.95
CAN $1495.95
US $1039.00
CAN $1297.00
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Product Description

We engineered our Vari Angle Cutter to adjust to a wider range of angles than any other tool on the market. Both wings are adjusted with one dial setting, ensuring the integrity of your cut- when wings are adjusted individually, minute differences between the wings compound, and compromise the quality of the angle. With this tool, you can have complete confidence in the quality of the set angle. By combining spur knives, this tool can also be used for rebating. You can even cut a beveled rabbet in one pass.

This tool comes equipped with our standard solid carbide insert knives, along with a T-wrench for replacements.

Technical Data

The angle of the tool is adjusted through the heavy dial on the face of the cutter. To ensure your tools will always be ready for use, we recommend keeping one spare set of insert knives on hand for your cutter- the table below will list all the necessary insert knives.

Tool Dimensions: ø165 x 50 mm
Standard Bore: 1-1/4" or 30mm

Rangate Vari Angle Cutter
Specification Sheet [PDF 432kb]

Insert Knife Guides

To ensure your tools will always be ready for use, we recommend keeping one spare set of insert knives on hand for your cutter- check this illustration to find the product codes for this cutter.

Position Knife Code Description Quantity per Tool Quantity per Order
A RSK100.050.12.15 Straight Knife 50x12x1.5 mm x 35° 2 10
B RSKS100.014.14.20 Spur Knife 14x14x2.0 mm x 30° 2 10

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