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Rangate & Zuani visit Charlotte for Biesse Grand Opening

This week, we're in Charlotte, North Carolina after being invited by our friends at Biesse to attend the grand opening of their new Charlotte campus. Along with our good friend Cristian Zuani of (you guessed it) Zuani, we visited some of our friends and clients in the region, traveling around Tennessee and the Carolinas before heading to the campus.

Biesse America Charlotte Campus
Day 2
    Day 1
    Day 2

    Day 1

    Cristian wasn't the only one traveling from Italy to attend- we were welcomed by Biesse's founder, Giancarlo Selci, as well as Biesse America president & CEO Federico Broccoli. We learned something new as they welcomed the hundreds of assembled guests- in 1977, Biesse developed the world's very first numerical-control line boring machine, making them true pioneers in the CNC woodworking market. We got treated to not only the past, but some of the future, too. While touring the campus, we got to check out some of the latest CNC technology we can't wait to get our tools up and running on.

    As the day unfolded, we met with many woodworkers from across North America who were curious about our approach to CNC tooling. From our perspective, the future is now- no matter what you're building with wood, CNC machines and tools can create beautiful, clean woodwork that unlock your creativity. With tools that meet the challenge, even demanding, high-performance products like solid wood windows and doors can be manufactured via CNC routing.

    • Zuani at Biesse Charlotte Campus
    • Our Rangate & Zuani booth at the Biesse Grand Opening
    • Biesse Grand Opening
    • Biesse America Charlotte Campus

    Day 2

    Day 2 leads us to an exciting announcement we've been waiting to let out of the bag for a while now- we'll be partnering with Biesse to host Innovations in North American Window & Door Manufacturing right here in Charlotte next month. It's a free, day-long seminar that's designed to answer all of your questions about using CNC technology to build windows or doors.

    Over the last couple days, we've been hearing a lot of the same questions from the woodworkers at the Grand Opening. This event will give everyone interested in investigating CNC a strong introduction- it'll cover questions like what CNC is best used for, how to understand software and programming, and will feature demos of every cut process we cover during the day. If you're interested in coming, register on our site- we hope to see you there in May.

    • Biesse America CEO Federico Broccoli speaking
    • Biesse founder addressing the Grand Opening

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