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We've found that when all of the players in our industry talk, great things happen. Join the conversation and get connected to the pulse of the solid-wood industry.

More Community Links

Woodworking is our shared passion, and it takes a whole community to support our clients. Here you'll find a listing of some of the organizations which might be able to help you with your unique challenges and opportunities.

These listings reflect our confidence and trust in the organizations below, and not necessarily any business relationship or connection.

  • National Fenestration Rating Council

National Fenestration Rating Council

NFRC is an American National Standard Institute Accredited Standards Developer and develops and administers comparative energy and related rating programs for fenestration products. The NFRC's goal is to improve the performance of our windows and doors- in comfort, hygiene, and energy efficiency.

  • Green Chamber of Commerce BC Logo

Green Chamber of Commerce BC

The Green Chamber of Commerce BC (GCCBC) is a not-for-profit provincial organization that was founded in February 2012. The GCCBC provides a home for businesses who do not belong to a traditional business organization. Through education, networking events, peer-to-peer consultation, and advocacy for green policies, the Chamber unites sustainable minded professionals and businesses in one place. By bridging the gap between businesses and a green sustainable economy, the GCCBC supports and advocates for the Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet, and Profit.

  • North American Passive House Network logo

North American Passive House Network

The North American Passive House Network (NAPHN) fosters a vibrant and open Passive House community. They are incorporated as a legal Cooperative in order to formally share resources, information and financial benefits and responsibilities. The common mission is to support and promote regional groups that promote the international Passive House Standard to the public at large. The intent of the organization is to maintain a small footprint and minimize any potential financial demands on member groups.

  • Passive House Institute Logo

Passive House Institute

The Passive House Institute (PHI) is an independent research institute that has played an especially crucial role in the development of the Passive House concept, which is the only internationally recognized, performance-based energy standard in construction. Since its founding, the Passive House Institute has assumed a leading position with regard to research on and development of construction concepts, building components, planning tools and quality assurance for especially energy efficient buildings.

  • Rosenheim Institute Logo

Rosenheim Institute

Since it was founded in 1966, the Rosenheim Institute has taken a holistic view of building components and construction. The Institute supports the window and door industry, regardless of materials used, in all questions related to standards, research, and accreditation as well as verification of tests or calculations and certification. The Institute employs a team of scientists, engineers and practitioners in various fields of expertise, and state-of-the-art equipped laboratories to create a world-class environment for the verification of all product characteristics. The Institute is also certified to to establish its own rules for quality assurance and window/door specifications.

  • Board of Change Logo

Vancouver Board of Change

The Board of Change is an inclusive business network fostering an economic model that values the pursuit of sustainability equally with the pursuit of profit. We believe fervently in the role of profitable business in society but also believe that business has an equal responsibility for social and environmental stewardship. Indeed, this may be the greatest responsibility of business. The Board centers on the three pillars of Education, Transformation, and Celebration.

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