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We've found that when all of the players in our industry talk, great things happen. Join the conversation and get connected to the pulse of the solid-wood industry.

Inspiring Ideas

Getting to see some of the projects our community are building is one of the best things about what we do. Whether it's structural, functional, artistic, or all of the above, we're amazed by all of the beautiful and durable things our community has built- from woodworking to social impact, and everything in between.

Here, you'll find some of the exceptional projects we've been inspired by. If you'd like your latest achievement to be featured, let us know to find out more about our submission guidelines.

  • Award Winning Passive House Wood Outwswing Casement Window

Westeck Out-Swing All-Wood Passive Casement

We're proud to announce the all-wood, out-swing Passive House-certified casement window we designed in collaboration with Westeck Windows has been recognized with Door and Window Market's Green Award for Innovation.

We designed 4 total Passive House-certified windows for Westeck's production, including this one. Our designs covered both fixed and operable windows, for both wood and vinyl construction.

  • Synergist Passive House Certified Window
  • Synergist Window Cross-Section
  • Synergist Passive House Certified Window

Synergist Passive House Window

The original Synergist Window Company was the first Passive-House certified window to be designed and built in North America. This casement-style window was the result of a partnership between Rangate and Synergist that we count among the most satisfying successful projects our company has ever taken on.

Since the first window, Synergist has continued its leadership, pioneering wood-clad options to give architects and builders more flexibility, as well as debuting its Landmark mock Double-Hung style.

  • Doors from H&H Woodworking
  • Windows by H&H Woodworking
  • Windows by H&H Woodworking

H&H Woodworking

Based on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, H&H Woodworking crafts doors, cabinetry, and other woodworking projects that capture the easy elegance of the island it works from. The featured doors garnered national attention for their craftsmanship.

  • Sawing the logs found at the cabin ground
  • Sawing the logs found at the cabin ground
  • Installation in the Yukon
  • The view from the cabin door

Rustic Northern Door

Door production has come a long way in terms of the technology we use to build them, but the structure of a traditional wood door has remained fundamentally the same for many years.

While out in the woods putting the final touches on a rustic family cabin, the House of Doors team built a traditional plank-style door by hand, from wood found on site, and were quickly reminded of how easy modern tooling makes our lives, in terms of structure and efficiency. It's good to build projects by hand now again to make us realize how far we've come, and how special our modern tools really are.

  • The milled pieces of the Dunkley Donor Wall
  • The pieces being pressed
  • Dunkley Donor Wall installed in Prince George, BC

Yew Woodshop - Dunkley Donor Wall

Two 8ft high and 26ft long sculptural walls were constructed with typical 2x4 lumber for Canada Winter Games 2015 to be permanently installed in the Civic Center in Prince George, BC. The challenge we faced in construction was to convert a digital rendering into physical structure. Much the same way that a Pin-Art toy transfers the shape impressed into it, we created a template that would press and transfer 2' x 2' sections of the wall's wave-like shape, which would then be assembled one-by-one on site. The two walls celebrate wood as a versatile material, and the impressiveness of a dynamically rendered structure.

  • Duratherm Window Corporation
  • Duratherm's team in the shop

Duratherm Window Corporation

Duratherm Window Corporation is the industry leader in high-quality hardwood windows and doors that are customizable and that enhance and enable architects’ designs. Based in Vassalboro, Maine, Duratherm's windows are sought after by architects and builders undertaking ambitious projects that call for uncommon scope- Duratherm's resume includes some of the most prestigious cultural sites in America, such as the visitor's center at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's estate, and the world-renowned Barnes Art Museum in Philadelphia, PA.

  • VanAir Door
  • VanAir Door

VanAir Door

VanAir Design is a young architectural product firm. Their design focus is in creating ventilating panel products that allow air transfer between spaces, while retaining acoustical and visual privacy. The award-winning VanAir Ventilated Door is manufactured by Lynden Door in Washington State, and available for orders of any quantity.

  • Instruction on Bending Clamps at the Southwest School of Woodworking
  • Instruction on Bending Clamps at the Southwest School of Woodworking
  • Southwest School of Woodworking
  • Hand-cut tenon at the Southwest School of Woodworking

Southwest School of Woodworking

The Southwest School of Woodworking was founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 2013 by a group of professional woodworkers who wanted to bring high quality woodworking instruction to students of all backgrounds and skill levels. The school welcomes both local and visiting students, and offers day, evening, and weekend classes ranging from a Fundamentals of Woodworking series to specialty masterclasses with internationally-known instructors. All classes emphasize learning by doing, and all are kept small to ensure close attention for each student. Use your hands, Learn the craft, Build your skills.

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