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We've found that when all of the players in our industry talk, great things happen. Join the conversation and get connected to the pulse of the solid-wood industry.

Alpine Technical Workshops

Alpine Technical Workshops are the one of first implementations of Rangate's motto "It starts with knowledge...". Originally conceived as an opportunity to provide instruction to North American joiners on how to craft European style tilt and turn windows, the workshops have evolved to offer other topics including shaper operations, double hung and casement window production and door workshops, with both traditional and CNC angular machinery.

Founded in 2010, Alpine has seen over 100 attendees learn more about the craft of joinery and enjoy the workshop environment since. For many of our woodworkers who are looking to take the next step in building windows or doors or using a shaper machine safely and at its full capabilities, Alpine is often the best place to start.

"I left the Shaper Operations workshop absolutely confident I could do anything with a shaper. Anything.”

-Mackenzie Strawn, Stayton Wood Windows

Workshops are held in picturesque Ouray, Colorado in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. They are led by a master joiner with over 30 years of experience in crafting beautiful custom wooden windows and doors. Workshop capacity are kept small to maximize interaction between the instructor and each individual, and this model builds camaraderie in the shared craft of woodworking.

The workshops are a no-sale environment, and the focus is squarely on knowledge and learning without the promotion of any specific brand- attendees are free to take in the knowledge and crisp mountain air in a sale pressure-free workshop environment. Many attendees find that Alpine is just the beginning of an ongoing source of knowledge and consultation on window and door production, business, and planning. If this sounds like it might be the experience you or someone in your production could use, we encourage you to take a closer look and find out if Alpine experience is your next journey.

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