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"It starts with knowledge..." is more than a motto to us- it's how we do business. Our first goal is to share some of what we have learned about our trade with you.

More Windows

There's a whole world of windows out there- if you're curious about the styles we don't cover in depth but are looking to get a handle on the lingo, read on for the rundown on some of the more common architectural window styles.


Fixed windows are the simplest type of window, which consist of glass set in a frame. Some designs have a matching fixed sash to match an operable window. Fixed windows cannot open or close- they provide light and a view, but no ventilation.


These are very similar to Casement Windows, except the hinges are placed at the top, so the window swings outwards like an awning.


Another variation on Casement Windows, a hopper has the hinges placed on the bottom, and typically swings inwards. Many schools and hospitals use this window style, which is easy to clean and difficult to enter or exit through.

Curtain Wall

Curtain wall system can be seen in all types of buiding applications including residential, commercial and institutional. It can be either non-structural and structrual. With larger glass area than a typical window, more lights can be entered indoor; hence it’s a popular application for city center and office buildings. Aluminum, connected to a load-bearing wooden structure, is a popular exterior material of choice as it is relative lighter in weight and gives a sleek look with desired color options by powder or anodizing coating. Properly designed and implemented cladding system provides a thermal break between the highly conductive aluminum and insulated wood to avoid significant heat transfer and condensation. Besides the usual building envelop design considerations like air tightness and drainage, particularly glazing specifications such as solar heat gain and shading will need to be carefully considered as a part of product realization and building design.

Arched Windows

Arched windows, also referred as radius windows, have an arch shape frame as the top part of the window. The style of arch can be round or gothic (pointy on the very top). Often, there are muntins or grille (fake muntins) designed on the window glazing.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a series of operable or fixed windows, lined up usually in a curved or boxy arrangement to provide additional indoor space with a ledge.

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