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Rangate's Project in Bhutan - Chapter 4 | Support

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Steps to Independence

So what has happened since the Rangate team left the Bhutanese factory?

Well, at the end of the installation and training program, the team went through the tooling spares, drawings, and hardware parts in great details. The local team took notes and labeled the parts. This was an important and beginning step to an effective support program for both existing equipment and for future sub-component ordering.

Rangate continues to support the Bhutanese team develop their production shop into a successful business. Now that the shop has a solid grounding in how to build high-performance windows, Rangate's advice and guidance has transitioned from joinery and technical training to advising them on their ongoing management including subcomponent procurement and product logistics.

The goal is to transfer completely logistical and managerial knowledge over time by on-the-job training. Their local business will become independently and freely run; they will be empowered to seek knowledge and source their sub-components based on a specific job’s requirement with their new contacts. Rangate remains in regular contacts to communicate proper machine and tooling maintenance, and spare part procurement.

The first major project the shop is taking on is the building of the Royal Law Center- a milestone institution in the country's democratic development. Bhutan is a country on the rise, and its domestic window production is no exception. Rangate is humbly proud of the work it’s done, and looks forward to what the future holds for the Bhutanese woodworking industry. Rangate wishes to thank the Karuna Foundation for the opportunity to complete this portion of the project for the Country of Bhutan. And Rangate is grateful for the warm welcome, sincerity and friendship of the Bhutanese people.

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