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Standard Tools Upgraded with NaDia Diamond Treatment

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At Rangate, our business model is straightforward- we succeed when our clients do. When we deliver the best, our clients succeed, we build a great relationship, and our whole industry moves a little closer to the way it should be. Others might see uncompromising standards as a cost, but we see it as an investment- It's why we never compromise the craftsmanship and quality of any of the products we carry. This is why we're proud to announce we're taking the next step forwards in the engineering and value of our cutting tools- from now on, many of our standard cutters will ship equipped with NaDia diamond-coated insert knives, which are 400% to 600% more durable than solid carbide, at no extra cost- our list prices remain unchanged!

The NaDia Advantage

While NaDia is cutting-edge (no pun intended), it's been in use for years, often with the edges lasting the whole time! The most remarkable thing about NaDia might be the value it adds to your shop. If you're currently ordering knives twice a year, imagine placing an order once every two years- not to mention the extra savings in shipping costs and your time replacing knives. It's not just for new tools, either- we're able to put diamond coating on any cutting edge you order from us. The next time your shop needs insert knives or mortising/drilling bits, ask for NaDia, and experience the difference for yourself- we're confident it'll be a long time before you need to order again.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Smooth surface of knives
  • Low friction
  • High hardness
  • Anti-gripping effect

How NaDia works

NaDia layers the hardness of diamond structures with graphitized carbon molecules which absorb the shock of impact, resulting in a cutting edge with a much lower coefficient of friction- taking far less wear per cut. The coating is a single micron (.001mm) in thickness- so incredibly fine that the dimensions of the cut will match exactly with a non-treated blade. The only difference is a characteristic rainbow sheen on the surface- the crystalline structure of diamond breaks up the light like a prism. It's applied through an advanced process called Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition which applies the coating at low temperatures, critically important since heating and cooling metals rapidly can make them more brittle. This is one of the key factors that puts NaDia a 'cut above' other attempts at DLC coating- and it took some high-tech research. The science of NaDia was developed by Zuani s.r.l. of Italy, in partnership with the University of Trento.

NaDia-Treated Solid Carbide Standard Tools
Tool Code Tool Name Standard Knives
RNAG1600475 Thin Adjustable Groover 4 - 7.5 mm NaDia
RNAG1600595 Thin Adjustable Groover 5 - 9.5 mm NaDia
RNAG1600815 Adjustable Groover 8 - 15.5 mm NaDia
RNAG1601224 Adjustable Groover 12.5 - 24 mm NaDia
RNAG16001530 Adjustable Groover 15.5 - 30 mm NaDia
RNAG16002040 Adjustable Groover 20.5 - 40 mm NaDia
RNAG16003060 Adjustable Groover 30.5 - 60 mm NaDia
RNMP1603060 Multi-Use Cutter NaDia
RNS125050 Shear Rabbeting Cutter NaDia
RNRC125060 Adjustable Radius Chamfer Shear Cutter NaDia
RNGJ13060 Full Reference Glue Joint Cutter NaDia
RNGJ13047 Deep Groove Glue Joint Cutter NaDia
RNFJ18014120 Adjustable Finger Joint Cutter NaDia
RNLM1601334 Lock Miter Cutter NaDia
RN6301 Lift-and-Slide Cutter NaDia
RNJ21613 Adjustable Door Jamb Cutter NaDia
RN02138 Multi-Point Euro Groove Cutter NaDia
RNCP335.180.2001V Panel Raise Cutter NaDia
Solid Carbide Standard Tools
Tool Code Tool Name Standard Knives
RNSC080080 Spiral Cutter Carbide
RCVA16550.116 Vari Angle Cutter Carbide
RCR17060 Full Radius Shaper Cutter Carbide
RCCD1601925 Stile and Rail Cabinet Set Carbide
RCD008 Interior/Exterior Door Set Carbide
Other Standard Tools
Tool Code Tool Name Standard Knives
RCP0001 Profile Cutter Set HSS
RCC1101002 Corrugated-Knife Shaper Cutter N/A

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