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Rangate's Project in Bhutan - Chapter 3 | Implement

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Touching Down in Bhutan

Bhutan’s geographic location presents some logistical challenges. Landlocked and nestled in the Himalaya mountains, the shipments would take some extra time to arrive. To meet the project's budget and timeline, Rangate and its forwarder partner started the logistics plan early and fine-tuned the details as the project developed. With diligence, the carrier delivered the consolidated containers to Thimphu. The two containers comprised machinery, tools and equipment from over 15 vendors from both North America and Europe- no simple task to organize, streamline, and deliver on schedule.

After touching down on October 30, Greg and Joe were welcomed by the Bhutanese staff with the genuine warmth the country is renowned for, which was welcome after a long journey across more than 14 time zones. The first mission for Rangate was to get acquainted with the culture and local logistics quickly. To achieve the installation and training goals in the days ahead, the team would work closely together per a pre-defined schedule.

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