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Rangate's Project in Bhutan - Chapter 2 | Engineer

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Beginning the Engineering Phase

In the Engineering phase, the Rangate team created a comprehensive project plan with everything the Bhutanese facility would require to begin window productions. This included:

• Identifying each piece of machinery required, sourcing it, purchasing it, and consolidating container shipments. Each piece of equipment was subject to a thorough analysis- is it suited for the production's shop flow and volume? Will it scale up for long term production goals? Reliability and ease of use were also the key criteria. The team selected a set of proven manual equipment including jointer, thickness planer, shaper, clamping and gluing machines. These items were all straightforward to operate and have demonstrated their long-term value in window production.

• Designing a complete material flow for the shop. Years of experience in laying out window and door factories enabled Rangate's team to create an optimized process, from materials entering the factory to finished products ready to be installed.

• Hosting two key members of the Bhutanese production staff at Alpine Technical Workshop in Ouray, Colorado to get hands-on training in building performance windows. After all, “It starts with knowledge….” .

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