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Rangate Project Story - Westeck Windows and Doors - Chapter 4 | Support

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Support might not be as glamorous or high-tech as designing or engineering tools, but it's just as vital to our clients' ongoing success.

As Westeck has produced with their new tools, we've been there at every step to make sure our service lives up to the performance of our tools.
Our system for replacements on project insert knives is a prime example- it's a tried and true method which smooths out any lags in production caused by worn or broken knives.

When we complete a project, we produce two sets of spare knives- one for our clients to have on hand, and a second set for our inventory at Rangate. This second set is our investment in our client’s success- if they plan properly by ordering a set of spares, we match that investment with a backup set in our inventory.

If a knife ever needs to be replaced, Westeck can quickly replace it with the stock they have on hand. Once they let us know, we send the second set to their shop to keep spares ready for them, and have a new set made for our inventory to replace what we sent out. With this two-deep system, a knife change never causes a lag or costly delay in production.

Over time, Rangate monitors the frequency of our clients’ knife replacement orders. If a client is wearing out knives too often for their production volume, there is likely a hitch in the production process- for example, an issue with feed speed or tool RPM, which can be smoothed out once we investigate. If re-orders are coming too slowly, chances are the tools are not being used at rate originally projected. In that case, we reach out to find out how we can help get our clients back on track to meeting their goals.

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