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Rangate Project Story - Westeck Windows and Doors - Chapter 1 | Develop

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Westeck was no stranger to building high-quality wood windows. John Neels, Production Manager for the facility, reached out to Rangate on the recommendation of Biesse during their investigation of their Rover B 5-axis CNC.

Involving Rangate at this preliminary stage was crucial. It’s common in the woodworking industry for a business to focus on the machinery first, treat the tooling as an afterthought, and ignore the ongoing maintenance of the new equipment altogether. By accounting for all 3 of these with equal importance from the planning phase, Westeck set themselves up for long-term success.

From the beginning, we worked directly with Westeck and Biesse to ensure that:

  • The equipment met Westeck’s immediate needs and challenges. This included their production goals, budget, and timeline for implementation.
  • The solution developed would allow for long-term growth. We took the time to understand Westeck’s plans for growth and made sure our equipment would scale into that vision.
  • We had a maintenance plan in place that could accurately project Westeck’s ongoing maintenance tasks and costs. No surprises or overlooked costs/tasks would derail the production once underway.

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