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Rangate Project Story: Millwork Artisans - Chapters 3 - 4 | Implementation and Support

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Thanks to careful management, the project was delivered on time, and on budget, with the level of exceptional quality Rangate and TWT have built a reputation for. Like with all projects, there were wrinkles along the way, but close communication with Millwork Artisans kept everyone on the same page and in the best position to make the right decisions.

Since the installation of the router and tools, Rangate’s Application Specialist Bill Wicket has traveled to the Millwork Artisans shop to verify everything is running smoothly. Because Millwork Artisans has taken advantage of Rangate’s knife replacement in which Rangate make makes a matching investment in stock for every purchased spare, Millwork Artisans has never had to wait for a replacement knife to be delivered.

It’s important details like this that set Rangate apart from other partners, and ensure a successful long-term partnership. To learn more about Rangate's project-based approach, contact us to get thinking about some of the same questions Millwork Artisans had to answer on their road to success. For more information and photos of Millwork Artisans’ windows and doors, visit their website.

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