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Rangate Launches New Shaper & Craftsman Series Shaper Cutter Sets

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NOVEMBER 1, 2017 - We're proud to celebrate 10 years in business with our new Joinery Series and Craftsman Series shaper cutter sets. For the Rangate team, these tool sets reflect the 10 years Rangate has been providing design, engineering, and good advice on shaper tooling while maintaining uncompromising quality.

Both tool series start with the same fundamental base, covering the 4 operations nearly every project requires- rebating, grooving, tenoning, and profiling. The Craftsman Series adds two more tools for creative, customized shaper work.

The origin of these new sets can be traced back to Alpine Technical Workshop, the solid-wood joinery training sessions Rangate has supported from it was founded in 2009. Since then, Alpine has welcomed woodworkers from across the US and Canada, and even the world, with woodworkers coming to Ouray, Colorado from as far away as Australia and Bhutan.

The feedback and common needs of these woodworkers drove us to develop this set and choose the correct tools. Curious how? Read more below:

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