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BC Helping its Window Producers Craft Better Windows

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The Fenestration Association of BC and British Columbia provincial government are making an investment in the future of the local window industry. Their latest announcement lays out the goals and reasoning for this new level of commitment to efficient fenestration:

The Province is providing $500,000 to encourage the development and certification of high-performance windows that will help homeowners and businesses conserve energy and reduce heating costs, and stimulate the high-performance window manufacturing industry in British Columbia. Over the next 16 years, the energy performance of buildings is expected to increase to meet the Province's Climate Leadership Plan target to achieve net-zero energy buildings by 2032. A key component of this market transformation will be a ready supply of high performance windows. The costs associated with creating new product lines that exceed current BC energy efficiency requirements, including lab testing and certification, are a barrier to the introduction of high performance windows into the market. The High Performance Window Certification Program (HPWCP) aims to address this market barrier and stimulate BC manufacturers to develop new designs and manufacturing processes that will lead to cost-effective, marketable, high performance windows being built in British Columbia. These new designs will in turn help BC residents and businesses to maximize the energy performance of their homes and buildings.

For more information on the program and the application click here

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