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Rangate has been assisting clients build performance windows and doors for over 10 years. We are the industry leader, with a record of success with everyone from the most well-respected producers in the marketplace to one-person startups.

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Ready Solutions

Our Ready Solutions get you up and running with proven windows and doors designed specifically for the demands of the North American marketplace. Each enjoys the full advantage of WeComplete. Get the best of both worlds- total clarity on components and performance, with complete freedom of choice of any provider.

Rangate WeComplete Casement Window

Casements are hinged at the top or side. From our groundbreaking Euro Casement and more, Rangate is the leader in performance and design of this bread-and-butter style.

PassiveFLEX sets include a full Bill of Materials for window hardware and gasketing

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Rangate WeComplete Double Hung Window

An English-style window in high demand in heritage style buildings, double-hung windows have two sashes which can move up or down to promote airflow.

Rangate WeComplete Tilt and Turn Minimal 78mm Window

Tilt and Turn windows are a European innovation taking root in North America, and set the standard for high performance. This style enjoys the flexibility to both tilt inwards at the top for ventilation, or turn inwards on the hinges for a full opening.

Rangate WeComplete North American Door

If you're ready to build classic solid wood entry doors, our sets can get you into production right away, with styles and performance to match the demands of the market.

Rangate WeComplete Lift and Slide Door

These doors slide on an internal hardware track that keeps the door flush against the floor. They feature strong forced-entry and storm ratings compared to other sliding doors, even with a greater ratio of glass to frame.

Rangate WeComplete Euro Door

Our Euro Door designs provide you with both the performance of a gasketed threshold, and styles ready to succeed in the North American market.

Custom Designs

80% of what we do is custom.

If you need to build a custom window or door outside of our Ready Designs, we’re an ideal partner to work with. Use this form to give us an outline of what you have in mind, and we’ll be in touch to begin the process of making your vision a reality.

Use the form below, give us a call at 888-810-2522, or email us at wecomplete@rangate.com to get started!

Rangate WeComplete Custom Designs

Still Need to Know More?

If you need clarity before starting your window or door project, you’re in the right place. WeComplete helps you fill in all unanswered questions during your process, providing support and confidence at every step.

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