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Rangate TV

Our whole video library is available for you to browse here. Use the filters on the left to watch videos on a specific topic.

Welcome to CutterShare
Welcome to CutterShare

CutterShare enables you to get Rangate's tools for 1-3 months for a fraction of the cost of owning. See how it works in this video!

Lock Miter Cutter - Setup & Demonstration
CutterShare Lock Miter Tool

This is a handy guide to setting up and running our Lock Miter tool, now available through CutterShare.

Full Reference Glue Joint Cutter - Setup & Demonstration
Cuttershare Full Reference Glue Joint Tool

Our much-loved "zigzag tool" is available through CutterShare! See why it's got a great reputation in this video guide.

Deep Groove Glue Joint Cutter - Setup & Demonstration
CutterShare Deep Groove Glue Joint Tool

Seeing is believing- it really is as easy as cutting two pieces and flipping one over to have a tight glue joint with this tool. Now available through CutterShare.

Finger Joint Cutter - Setup & Demonstration
CutterShare Finger Joint Tool

Strong and deep finger joints are now available to everyone! Check out the video guide to see how to set up and run along-the-grain and cross-grain finger joint cuts.

Cabinet Door Set - Setup & Demonstration
CutterShare Cabinet Door Set

This premium quality cabinet set is available through CutterShare for a fraction of the purchase price. See how to do the coping and sticking cuts in this video guide.

Exterior/Interior Door Set - Setup & Demonstration
CutterShare Exterior/Interior Door Set

If you've thought about trying to build doors, sharing our set via CutterShare is the easiest way to use premium tools without a serious commitment.

Raised Panel Cutter - Setup & Demonstration
CutterShare Raised Panel Tool

Our Raised Panel cutter is available through CutterShare. Get a look at how to set up and run clean panels in this video tutorial.

Lift & Slide Cutter - Setup & Demonstration
CutterShare Lift & Slide Tool

Prototyping your Lift-and-Slide door or doing that 1-off job has never been easier- accessing our performance cutter is just a few clicks away.

Adjustable Door Jamb Cutter - Setup & Demonstration
CutterShare Door Jamb Tool

Sharing this heavy duty tool will make sense for many wood shops. This setup and use guide will give you a great idea of its capability.

Returning Your CutterShare Order
Returning Your CutterShare Order

Quick look at how sending CutterShare orders back works.

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