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Rangate TV

Our whole video library is available for you to browse here. Use the filters on the left to watch videos on a specific topic.

Using Knot Filler with Butterfly Ties
Knot Filler Repair with Butterfly Ties

This technique is good wood science, and looks great too.

How to Do Edge Repairs with Knot Filler
Knot Filler Edge Repairs

Using a backing block is a great trick for a fast and clean fill on the edge.

Wood Repair with Rangate Knot Filler
Knot Filler Repair

A quick repair with our Knot Filler rods.

Repairing a Scratch with Rangate Knot Filler
Scratch Repair with Knot Filler

Quick video showing repairing a long scratch with Pine knot filler.

Knot Filler Repair with Oil Finish
Knot Filler Repair with Oil Finish

See a fast Knot Filler repair, finished with linseed oil.

Knot Repair 1
Knot Filler Demonstration

Another Knot Filler demonstration, showing the material contrast obtainable with finish.

How to Use Knot Filler Powder
Mixing Knot Filler Powder

Demonstration on properly mixing Knot Filler in powdered form.

How to Repair Wood with Knot Filler Powder
Knot Filler Powder Demonstration

More examples of using Knot Filler powder.

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