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Vendor Partners

We're committed to bringing the world's most high-performing and precisely engineered tooling and equipment to our marketplace. Below are the vendors we're proud to partner with to supply the North American woodworking industry.

  • Zuani Company Logo


Zuani s.r.l. produces some of the world's most precisely engineered cutting tools. Specializing in window and door production, Zuani is a family-owned business based in Trento, Italy, which has been proudly operating since 1972. No client is too big or too small for Zuani to provide the same level of care and engineering to each customer. In 2013, Zuani broke new ground by introducing its NaDia diamond-like carbon (DLC) insert knife coating, an industry first.

  • Barth Logo


Barth GmbH is a mechanical engineering company headquartered in Bavaria, Germany which relentlessly pursues optimization, both in its products and its operations. The company strives to meet the demands of each individual client, with hits product lines of frame presses, vacuum equipment, lift tables, and work tables. The three design principles at the heart of every Barth product are "Ergonomics, Economy, and Individual Production".

  • Bogh Logo


Bøgh is a family-owned company based in Denmark which was founded on the concept of waste minimization. Lower the quantity of discarded wood, and you will lower expenses, and in the end give the company better profits. Their versatile products are suitable for all segments within the woodworking industry such as furniture, windows/doors, flooring, parquets, staircases, glulam, formwork etc. and are discovering new industries which can use their products all the time.

  • Gutmann Logo


Based in Weißenburg, Germany, Gutmann supplies cladding engineered to meet the highest standards of performance and design.

  • Jowi Logo


JOWI's unique and innovative carts and material handling equipment have been wood shop favorites since 1968. Their products are characterized by their robust construction, flexibility, versatility, and ease of use. Based in Austria, this company has earned a worldwide reputation for their innovation and customer service.

  • Pizzi Logo


Pizzi s.r.l. is an Italian-based manufacturer of gluing tanks and equipment. Customization is at the heart of the company's policy, and their design team is always ready to take on the challenge of special orders for highly individualized gluing tasks.

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