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The heating, cooling, and maintenance of buildings is one of the largest sources of carbon emissions worldwide. Since up to 40% of the energy used to control the climate in a building can be lost through its windows and doors, we regard taking leadership in building an industry which produces and installs better windows not only as a business decision- it's what we owe to the next generation. High-performance wood windows and doors are how we strive for a responsible future. Fenestration made of wood performs better, lasts longer, and has a far lower lifetime energy cost than other materials. When we work with a client to build windows and doors, we're always partnering with them to build the best-performing window designs that they can.

Our dedication to high-performance fenestration is one of the core principles of our business. While we're a dedicated sponsor of window performance conferences and workshops across the continent, we've demonstrated our commitment through the accomplishments of our business as well. Our goal is to be a champion for the Passive House standard of building, which is the highest level of performance which fenestration can achieve. We're proud of the instrumental role Rangate played in the development of the first Passive House certified window designed and built in North America. While we're off to a good start, there is still plenty of room for improvement, and we're enthusiastic about meeting the challenge of ever-rising standards for window performance and design.

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