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We've found that when all of the players in our industry talk, great things happen. Join the conversation and get connected to the pulse of the solid-wood industry.

Rangate Euro Tour

Our Euro Tour gears up in 2020 with more shops than ever before joining in the fun and learning! Our motto is "It Starts with Knowledge...", and there's nowhere that is more clear than on our annual Tour. This is now the 9th year of our Tour, and each year our attendees build connections with European shops and each other that become the genesis of some of North America's most ambitious and successful window & door projects. This year we’re excited about visiting shops in southern Germany, spending a weekend in Austria, and returning to Fensterbau/Holz-Handwerk in Nuremberg.

After gathering at the Munich Airport, we will first enjoy Thu/Fri at shops in the region. We get behind the scene to some awesome local shops and institutions. Over a sightseeing weekend in Salzburg, Austria, we will see additional shops up in the Nuremberg region. We’ll immerse in even deeper conversations at the Fensterbau/Holz-Handwerk exhibition, the largest window/door and woodworking show in the world.

Our annual Euro Tour is one of the pillars of our WeComplete approach that equips our clients with all of the knowledge, products, and sourcing connections to realize their highest goals for production.

Rangate Euro Tour 2018
Shop Visits
Fensterbau Frontale
About the Euro Tour
Shop Visits
Fensterbau Frontale

About the Euro Tour

We created the Euro Tour to help North American woodworkers access a new world of knowledge and insight. Over the last 9 years, we've seen the great impact the Euro Tour can have on the woodworkers who embark on the journey with us.

  • Understand Your Options: Because we go on all-access shop tours, there's no better time to see equipment, techniques, or layouts really work in a business setting. Everyone who takes the tour learns something valuable they can take home and implement at home for a valuable boost.
  • See the Cutting Edge: Most of world's best regarded manufacturers of woodworking tools and equipment are based in Europe. The Euro Tour is a chance to see their latest innovations first, and make a personal connection with equipment and tool suppliers.
  • In Good Company: Over the days of the TOUR, our group shares a camaraderie and enjoys some of the food, drink, and culture of Europe. It's very common for TOUR attendees to become friends and collaborate or refer each other for new business after the experience.
  • Toasting the Euro Tour with Zuani
  • On the Euro Tour Bus
  • Alpine Germany session on Rangate Euro Tour

Shop Visits

During the shop visit days, our group of woodworkers from across the United States and Canada board a tour bus, and head to solid wood joinery shops in the region for all-access visits. This year, we're seeing a diverse group of shops across the Bavarian region, the heartland of German woodworking. At each visit, we get an up-close look at every part of the production process, from material handling to wood processing, to finishing. Many attendees take notes on the aspects of their own shop they're looking to optimize.

What many of our attendees don't realize until they experience the TOUR is that the time spent on the bus is a valuable experience too. We've seen woodworkers develop new connections that lead to collaborations, new business, and good old fashioned new friendships on the road. The Euro Tour isn't just about learning from our hosts- it's also about learning from each other.

  • Rangate Euro Tour Bus
  • Rangate Euro Tour Shop Visit
  • Euro Tour at ISCE Switzerland
  • Inspecting Joinery on Rangate Euro Tour

Fensterbau Frontale

Fensterbau Frontale and Holz Handwerk are the world's largest trade exhibition for woodworking. If you're producing or thinking about starting to make doors, there's no better place to experience the latest in the industry, from machinery and equipment to questions of style and performance. Walking the show floor with Rangate's experienced team can help you make the most of the experience.

  • Euro Tour at Fensterbau 2016
  • Fensterbau Exhibition


Holz-Handwerk is one of the world's largest woodworking tradeshows, covering machinery, equipment, and supplies for all things solid wood. It's a great place to see innovation in the woodworking industry first hand, and even try them out for yourself. If you've been investigating purchasing European-made equipment or machinery, it's an excellent time to speak with manufacturers directly.

  • Holz-Handwerk Exhibition
  • Holz-Handwerk

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