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Engineering is our commitment. We founded Rangate to offer only tooling and equipment designed and built to the highest standards of performance and safety.

Rangate Cut-Resistant Gloves

We strongly recommend you wear these gloves when mounting and demounting your cutters.

These cut-resistant gloves have a nitrile coated palms and fingers, to protect your hands while mounting and demounting your tools. We recommend you wear them any time you handle your tools. All of our gloves were made in Canada.

Rangate Collapsible Ruler

This folding ruler expands from its base size to provide precise angled measurements up to 2m.

This German-manufactured CE folding ruler is a shop favorite in Europe, which we carry for easy measurements. The ruler is comprised of 10 fold-out sections of 20cm. Each axis has angular markings for 90°,75°, 60°, and 45° for quick reference.

Torque Wrench RZ052.775.N

This wrench delivers the right amount of torque for our RCP001 Profile Cutter.

This torque wrench delivers 3.1 Nm of torque for knife changes on our RCP0001 Profile Cutter Set without over-twisting the screws for the profile knives.

T-Bushings for Shaper Cutters

We provide reduction bushings to allow larger bore tools to be run on smaller diameter spindles.

We carry reduction bushings for a number of spindle sizes.


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