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Engineering is our commitment. We founded Rangate to offer only tooling and equipment designed and built to the highest standards of performance and safety.

Buy new Rangate CutterShare tools at 27 to 39% Off. Now it's the best time to get a new tool for your shaper work, putting precision joinery in your hands. Offer ends Dec 31, 2021.
Lift & Slide Cutter

This tool machines the entire hardware track for Lift-and-Slide doors and windows in one pass.

This tool is essential for anyone making or considering making Lift-and-Slide style doors and windows, transforming what was once a difficult job into the easiest part of milling your frame. With our Lift-and-Slide cutter, you get the accuracy, speed, and peace of mind that comes with using a tool designed specifically for the job.

Tooling & Knives
Stile and Rail Cutter

This set is designed specially for traditional North American cabinet doors from 19 to 25mm (3/4'' to 1").

Our Stile and Rail set has greatly simplified the process of milling classically styled kitchen cabinet doors. It's engineered to deliver a smooth, finish-quality cut while making changing from stile to rail production faster and easier than with traditional cutters.

NEW: Bevel Shaker Elements are now available to enable shaker door production utilizing the same base tool set.

Slant Profile knives are also available for this tool set.

This set is designed specially for traditional North American cabinet doors from 19 to 25mm (~3/4'' to 1'').

Tooling & Knives
Panel Raise Cutter

Limitless profile-cutting possibilities for interior & exterior doors, panels, and cabinets.

Our raised panel cutter rounds out the package for classic North American cabinet and door profiles. Select from our designed profiles, or have our engineering team build to your needs- the possibilities are endless!

Other profiles are available in place of or in addition to the default B2 a change of inserts. The B2 profiles have our signature NaDia treatment applied already by default.

Tooling & Knives
Rangate Door Jamb Cutter for Shapers

This cutter provides the ultimate in versatility and ease, cutting door frames in a single pass.

This cutter machines the complete jamb in one pass, significantly streamlining your build process with the cut quality and engineering precision you've come to expect from our tools. Versatile enough to match the exact specifications of your door design, this cutter turns what was once a multi-stage process into a single cut, greatly increasing your volume capacity.

Tooling & Knives

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