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Engineering is our commitment. We founded Rangate to offer only tooling and equipment designed and built to the highest standards of performance and safety.

No-Rot Dowels

Our Rot-Resist Dowels are the woodworking industry's premier dowel solution: Quality-tested and Made-to-last

With highly rot-resistant properties, the Rangate Rot-Resist Dowels are perfect for use in any projects exposed to moisture, heat, and cold, where over time, ordinary dowels can fail and become the weak point of the entire construction. It's great for window, door and any outdoor furniture solid wood joinery.We have matching dowel drill bits for proper glue up.

Our dowel supply program, like our other equipment and tools, focuses on high-quality, high-performance joinery. Quality is particularly important for windows and doors when these products are exposed to outdoor elements. Certainly these dowels are also suited for many other furniture and art installation projects.

Omni Joint and Dowels
Omni joint mechanical joinery system

Click here to learn the basics about the Omni Joint joinery system.

Omni Joint is a mechanical fixing system for the joinery of wood windows, doors, furniture and art pieces. This Italian-engineered metal locking is a tested and certified building component by the Rosenheim Institute in Germany.

Imagine assembling a door in minutes, with no gluing or clamping; it's time-saving, space-saving and cost-saving on gluing and clamping equipment. These are all key advantages for solid wood window, door and furniture manufacturers. This system is great for tables, furniture, art pieces, and even trellis work.

Omni Joint and Dowels
CNC Omni Joint for standard doors

These Omni Joint mechanical components are designed to be used with CNC machining.

Omni Joint CNC Series

These Omni Joint components are for CNC machining.

There are two types of door joints: corner joint units for the corners of a frame or sash, and central joint units for mullions or rails.

Omni Joint and Dowels
Manual Omni Joint corner for light doors

These Omni joint components are for manual drilling with a specialized jig.

These Omni joint components are for manual drilling, using a special Omni Joint jig.
Units are split between corner joint units for the corners of a frame or sash, and central joint units for mullions or rails.

Omni Joint and Dowels
Omni=Joint Drilling Jig

These jigs align your workpiece for perfect fit for the OmniJoint mechanical fastening system.

These jigs securely hold your frame components and have a built-in alignment system to ensure an accurate fit between your stiles and rails. Compared to working with dowels and glue, Omni Joint fastenings do not fail or loosen with time, and can be assembled in minutes with no clamping or glue.

Omni Joint and Dowels

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