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Engineering is our commitment. We founded Rangate to offer only tooling and equipment designed and built to the highest standards of performance and safety.

Rangate will be at IWF Booth #8100 this year! These IWF Floor Models are our best pricing of the year, so there's no need to wait until the show- the best deal is available now, whether you're planning to go or not.

Advance commitment is required to reserve floor model items, and in some cases the item will be shipped after the IWF show in August. Limited quantities are available- Please submit an inquiry for availability.
Barth Multipress RPG

The best-selling RPG 2030 is available this summer as an IWF Floor Model!

The Barth Multi-Press RPG 2030 is available as an IWF floor model! This clamping machine model pricing includes the powder-coated steel frame, and 3 manual hydraulic pressure vertical beam units.

We're also offering special pricing on certain customization options- Build your Barth! Quantities are limited. Submit your information via “Add To My List”, or give Greg a call: 888-810-2522 x103. We will build your equipment according to your shop and delivery needs.

Clamping Systems
Barth Multipress RP

Manual hydraulic frame press with flexible and customizable features.

The Barth MultiPress RP is the most popular workhorse model from the world's premier manufacturer of clamping and pressing equipment. This model is a manually operated hydraulic frame press with a 90° stop and up to 2000kg of pressing power available, and highly customizable for your shop's specific needs.

Standard unit includes:

• Powder-coated hollow steel frame

• 3 manual hydraulic pressure elements

• 90° stopper for lateral pressure

The displayed prices do not include crating and shipping totals.

Clamping Systems
Barth Multipress RPG

The most flexible and adaptable multipress option, which allows you to position the pressing elements to any height.

For the most popular RPG 2030 press, check out our IWF Floor Model pricing.

Our new RPG pricing enables your Barth to be as custom as your work is. The base prices are for the powder-coated hollow steel frame

The RPG frame adds a new level of customization with no top crossbar- you can position the pressing elements or eccentric upper clamping fixtures wherever you need them to be. This opens a whole new world of possibilities and uses for your frame press. It's ideal for shops producing highly custom or complex workpieces.

The displayed prices do not include crating and shipping totals.

Clamping Systems

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