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Engineering is our commitment. We founded Rangate to offer only tooling and equipment designed and built to the highest standards of performance and safety.

Panel Lifter

For firmly gripping large and awkward wood components and panels to move by hand.


This lifter device makes life easier when moving long beams or large panels which would otherwise be difficult to carry and move.

Material Handling
Barth VakuuCar+

The VakuuCar+ is one of the most innovative workstations available, saving both time and your health.

The Barth VakuuCar+ is a mobile workstation with built-in vacuum clamping. With the VakuuCar, your bench can move around with you, and handle and clamp any material at the height and position you want it at. This time and space-saving cart enables you to get the most out of your time in the shop.

Material Handling
Barth VakuuCar XL

This larger VakuuCar delivers the same great features as the original in a larger surface area for more heavy duty shops.

The Barth VakuuCar XL is a large, robust mobile workstation with built-in vacuum clamping. With the VakuuCar XL, your bench can move around with you, and handle and clamp any material at the height and position you want it at. This time and space-saving cart enables you to get the most out of your time in the shop. This model features more worktop area for heavy-duty shop use.

Material Handling
Barth Lift Table 500V

A mobile work station with both hydraulic scissor lifting and vacuum clamping power. Heavy lifting has never been so easy.

This hydraulic lift table table features 3 vacuum clamping points mounted on bearings that can swivel, and be adjusted in height individually - giving the 500V convenience other work stations cannot match. It's called vakuuLIFT for good reason- the vacuum clamping pads are gentle enough to grip even glass without any scratching or damage, yet strong enough to handle solid wood doors or casegoods.

Material Handling
Barth Lift Table 300

The mobile scissor lifting table, sturdy and highly customizable.

This mobile and flexible lifting table is a wood shop favorite. Rangate's optimized logistics provides the best value available in the market for customization.

Material Handling
Jowi R900 2/2 Rack

JOWI's renowned handling rack with 900mm bars.

We're proud to bring JOWI's world-renowned carts to the North American market. These carts feature 2/2 bar arrangements and 900mm bars, in both 11 and 16-bar options. This rack features a deeper depth between levels for doors and other extra deep workpieces.

Material Handling
Jowi Gecko Rack

Innovative inclined design means even long and narrow items stay safely in place during transport.

The JOWI Gecko transport rack is inclined to the side and the rear- this lets gravity work for you while moving your workpieces. Its intelligent engineering allows one person to roll a fully loaded transport rack safely and quickly, even with large and awkward shapes and sizes.

Material Handling
Jowi Nautilus Transport Rack

The Nautilus rack stores pieces of any shape or size with a uniquely stable angled design.

RJ NA2-780-3/2-40-1/0: Whether you're storing items horizontally, vertically, or both at the same time, the JOWI Nautilus can adapt to move your workpieces securely and without damage. You can even customize the bar alignment for maximum flexibility. We still have the 780mm Nautilus model, but we've currently sold out of the 590mm model. Please check back in the new year for availability.

Material Handling
Jowi Octopus D2 Spray Table

This heavy-duty version of the Octopus combines mobility with 150% of the original's load bearing capacity.

The JOWI Octopus D2 is designed for heavy-duty spray finishing. It can support loads up to 120kg (264 lbs) with the same freely positionable radial arms as the original Octopus.

Material Handling

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