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Engineering is our commitment. We founded Rangate to offer only tooling and equipment designed and built to the highest standards of performance and safety.

We've launched full capability for Shaker-style cabinet doors. Our 3-part implementation covers both existing users of our Stile & Rail Cabinet Door Set and a brand-new set designed specifically for bevel shaker doors. Both sets take full advantage of the stacked, same-diameter innovations which we pioneered and still lead the industry today.
Rangate Bevel Shaker Cabinet Set

This new set streamlines the process for building timeless shaker cabinet doors.

Our new set is designed specifically for beveled shaker cabinet doors between 3/4" and 1". Thanks to the stacked design pioneered by Rangate, your depth settings are consistent between tenoning and profiling and changing over only requires vertical movement of the spindle.

Tooling & Knives
Rangate Bevel Shaker Cabinet Elements

New addition to our Stile and Rail Set to enable bevel shaker-style cabinet doors.

These two new additional elements stack with the existing tool elements in the Stile and Rail Cabinet set to produce bevel shaker cabinet doors. You get the best of both worlds- the capability to do sleek and modern cabinet doors, while enjoying the ease of set-up its 1-2-3 same-diameter stacked design.

Tooling & Knives
Slant Profile Knife for Stile and Rail Cabinet Set

These solid carbide inserts can be installed on our Rangate Stile and Rail set to produce clean, modern slant profile 5-piece cabinets. Each order must contain a minimum of 2 knives.

Tooling & Knives

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