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Engineering is our commitment. We founded Rangate to offer only tooling and equipment designed and built to the highest standards of performance and safety.

Shear Rabbeting Cutter

The Joinery Series contains the essential cutters which every shaper owner should have.

Our clients have always asked us for our advice on tooling up their shapers. Just as there’s a short list of essential hand tools every woodworker should own, there are some timeless shaper cutters which perform the fundamental cuts almost every project will require- rebating, grooving, tenoning, and profiling. Together as the Joinery Series, they’re available for an advantageous set price.

Tooling & Knives
CNC Router Tools by Zuani

We build precision custom tools to meet the engineering requirements of any project or machinery.

Custom-built tools which exceed the highest expectations for precision and accuracy are the core of our business. Every installation is unique, and so the tools we build are engineered to realize your design- every detail, every dimension, every time.

We've tooled up for projects including mass timber, CLT, prefab constructions, windows, doors, furniture, and many solid wood products. We have done projects on many joinery and shaping applications: Tenoning/mortising, profiling, shaping, doweling, drilling on shaper, CNC, moulder, and other machines.

Tooling & Knives
Thin Adjustable Grooving Cutters

Thin precision groovers for widths between 4 and 9.5 millimeters.

When your job calls for a thin groove of considerable depth, our thin adjustable groovers stand out for their accuracy and fine cut. Both are adjustable to nearly double their base groove size, giving you added flexibility.

Tooling & Knives

Flexible and accurate grooving tools which adjust for both a range of groove thicknesses and tenoning operations.

Our adjustable groovers allow you to cut precise grooves which require no sanding or touch-ups, adjustable to nearly double width for each tool. Best of all, each ships with spacers to enable one set to perform tenoning operations as well.

Tooling & Knives
Multi Use Cutter

Rangate's signature tool, one of the most versatile and essential cutters in the industry.

Our Multi-Use tool has become an industry standard for its versatility in tackling nearly any window, door, or millwork machining job. We're constantly hearing new uses for it from our clients- It's excellent for tenoning, grooving, radius & edge work, and more. What you can do with it is only limited by your imagination!

Check out the image gallery to the left for many helpful knowledge videos that illustrate some of the varied uses for this

Tooling & Knives
Rangate High-Performance Rebate Cutter - 2nd Angle

This versatile tool can rebate and radius or chamfer pieces up to 50 mm, all in a single pass.

This shop favorite is a multi-function tool with serious versatility. Rangate engineering makes the difference in delivering a three-in-one cutter that delivers a finish-quality cut in all 3 applications. This is the 50mm cutter height version of the tool; we also off a 60 mm Adjustable Chamfer Shear Cutter.

Tooling & Knives
Rangate High-Performance Rebate Cutter

This versatile tool can rebate and radius or chamfer pieces up to 60mm, all in a single pass.

We're proud to reintroduce one of our best-loved tools to the marketplace. This shop favorite is a multi-function tool with serious versatility. Rangate engineering makes the difference in delivering a three-in-one cutter that delivers a finish-quality cut in all 3 applications. It's better than ever with NaDia diamond treatment on all insert knives. We also offer a slightly more compact version with a 50 mm cutter height.

Tooling & Knives
Rangate Spiral Cutter

Innovative cutter for copy shaping, rabbeting, and precision tight pattern work.

We first envisioned this tool as a perfect solution for tight copy shaping and pattern work, but our clients have been using it for so much more! Its innovative design featuring top and bottom spurs lets you rabbet, perform edge joining, and control tight contours and edges with a finish-quality cut. For anyone doing complex pattern or guide work, this tool will quickly become a workshop essential.

Tooling & Knives
Rangate Vari Angle Shaper Cutter

This dial-adjusted cutter enables a whole world of angle rebating.

Our Universal Swivel Vari Angle Cutter features unique engineering which allows both wings to be adjusted at the same time. It's flexible enough to do the work of several different tools!

Tooling & Knives
Full Reference Glue Joint Cutter

Glue jointing tool for along-the-grain joining for blanks to increase width.

Our glue joint tool is designed for along-the-grain glue joints for door, window, & millwork shops looking to glue up blanks to increase width. We have engineered it to achieve a level of accuracy you won't believe until you try it for yourself, and see the incredible fit of the joints it cuts.

Tooling & Knives
Deep Groove Glue Joint Cutter

Glue jointing tool designed for on-edge glue joining.

Our glue joint tool is used for solid wood along-the-grain glue joints. It's designed to join your stock on edge. We engineered it to achieve level of accuracy you won't believe until you try it for yourself, and see the incredible fit of the joints it cuts.

Tooling & Knives
Rangate Finger Joint Cutter

End-grain finger jointing tool specially engineered for the window and door industry.

With deep 11mm fingers spaced at 6mm, and for a complete range of thicknesses starting at 14mm all the way to 120mm, this 3-piece assembly is the most versatile and adjustable finger joint shaper cutter on the market.

Tooling & Knives
Lock Miter Cutter

This tool cuts precise miter with a locking system for a tight joint that won't slide or shift.

Our lock miter cutter is designed to produce smooth and precise lock miter joints for materials from 13mm to 34mm. Miter joints require strong clamping, and this tool features an innovative design with radiused corners to ease the stress the joint takes during the process.

Tooling & Knives
Multi-Point Grooving Cutter

Precision tool for milling a "Euro Groove", the industry standard for multi-point hardware.

If your window or door design includes advanced multi-point locking systems, our Euro Groove tool is essential. We've engineered this cutterhead to allow for a reference point for the installation of a nail or screw, a time-saving feature you won't find with standard grooving tools.

Tooling & Knives
Rangate Corrugated Back Shaper Cutter

Designed to run corrugated high speed steel knives, this tool is ideal for matching profiles for moulding.

This cutter accepts a full range of corrugated-back high speed steel knives with an extra-tall profile height of 100mm. If you're looking for a flexible alternative for specialty solid wood profiling for furniture, millwork, or windows and doors, this cutter will quickly become invaluable in your shop.

Tooling & Knives
Rangate FLEXset Shaper Cutters, Spacers, Shims, and Wrenches

Our FLEXset is an adaptable window cutter set for shaper machines that grows with your business.

If you are just getting into window production, our FLEXset is the most versatile tooling choice you can make. It's able to produce two different window styles using the same cutters, while containing the essential tools you'll be using even as your range and volume expand. Best of all, we designed it to minimize your initial investment so you can enter the market without overstretching your budget.

This set ships with standard solid carbide inserts, and can optionally be ordered with our NaDia diamond treatment applied on all insert knives.

Tooling & Knives
Garniga Finger Joint Cutter

We're the best place to get spare knives and support on all of your Garniga cutters.

If you're using a Garniga cutter system and require fresh knives, screws, wedges, or other support for your cutters, we're the best people to talk to. Our team has over 30 years of experience working with Garniga, and is ready to help.

Tooling & Knives
Size comparison of Bearing Set

Versatile set of rub bearings for copy shaping and pattern work that work with all tool systems.

Our Rub Bearing Kit is designed to replace systems that require a separate bearing for each small diameter.

Our design allows you to expand with your needs. The base kit includes 1 ring for the most common size, 125mm. Any larger-diameter ring is available through Rangate. We stock two sizes common to our standard cutters:

138mm: Matches our RCCD Cabinet Door Set

160mm: Matches most of our standard cutters.

Tooling & Knives
Tersa Planer Knives Size Comparison

These Tersa™ knives have been treated to last 3 times longer than HS knives, cutting cleaner for longer than any other edge.

RSKZE01 Series

Our nano-diamond NaDia coating allows you to go 3 or more times as long between changing your Tersa™ knives for planers, jointers, or moulders. With our blades, you get the best of both worlds; the affordability of a HSS knife with a lifespan and cut quality that exceeds carbide. Each order is for a package of 2 knives.

Tooling & Knives
Terminus Knives with Diamond Coating

Terrminus™ knives with a diamond-coated edge for superior performance and a lifespan 3 times longer than typical HS blades.

RSKZE04 Series

If you're using Terminus™ knives in your planer, jointer, or moulder, our diamond-treated edges deliver more value than any other knife in the market. These edges last 2-3 times longer than untreated Terminus™ knives, and deliver the smoothest cut you'll find. Each order contains 2 diamond-coated HSS M2 knives.

Tooling & Knives

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