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Rub Bearing Kit


Our Rub Bearing Kit is designed to replace systems that require a separate bearing for each small diameter.

Our design allows you to expand with your needs. The base kit includes 1 ring for the most common size, 125mm. Any larger-diameter ring is available through Rangate. We stock two sizes common to our standard cutters:

138mm: Matches our RCCD Cabinet Door Set
160mm: Matches most of our standard cutters.
Unit Price
Additional 138mm Ring
This option adds an additional 138mm ring, in addition to the 125mm ring the base kit ships with.
Additional 138mm Ring
US $99.95
CAN $111.95
Additional 160mm Ring
This option adds a 138mm ring in addition to the 125mm ring the base kit ships with.
Additional 160mm Ring
US $99.95
CAN $111.95
US $0.00
CAN $0.00
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Product Description

These bearings are designed for copy shaping or pattern work. Our set comes standard with a 125mm diameter steel ring and incorporated bearing. Rings of various diameters can be easily added to match any tool diameter you're working with- It's versatile enough for use with nearly any common diameter cutter you own, not just our Zuani tools.

Set-Up & Maintenance

Rings attach to the bearing via countersunk screws- the bearing always runs free, ensuring safety and precision. Our Rub Bearing Set comes with a complete set of drawings and instructions for set up and use.

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