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  • Knot Filler Powder
  • How to Repair Wood with Knot Filler Powder
  • How to Use Knot Filler Powder

Rangate Wood Repair Powder


RKF300 Series

Our Wood Repair Powder gives you another option for fixing imperfections. All you need is water to achieve a blended, natural repair on furniture, cabinets, or any type of indoor woodworking project.

Each standard unit order of wood repair powder is 5 kg, but per-kilo pricing is available at a cost of US$9.25/CA$11.95 per kg. Bulk discounts are available for orders above 30 kg.

For a more durable repair suitable for use in flooring, try our new Wood Repair Hardener.
US $46.25
CAN $59.75
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Product Description

Compared to our Knot Filler Rods which are designed for heavy-duty outdoor use, our wood repair powder is more suited to indoor use and fine detail repair. Because this powder does not require a heating gun to apply, it's perfect for use on-site or for already finished pieces, especially in hard to reach areas which have been nicked or damaged and need touching up. If your wood material needs to be sanded or cut after repair, we recommend you use our Knot Filler Rods.

How to Use Wood Repair Powder

Step 1: Wood Repair Powder is applied and solidifies at room temperature. To prepare your powder for use, mix a ratio of 3 parts powder to 1 part water for the amount you need. Be sure to avoid waste by only preparing as much powder as you'll need for the job.
Step 2: Use a small knife or trowel to apply the compound to the wood imperfection before it's dry. If you've mixed more solution than you need, cover it with a lid to extend the time it will keep before solidifying. A little water can be added to keep it from drying out, but only very little is needed- less than 1 part water to 3 parts powder.
Step 3: Using a chisel or a small knife, remove any excess filler.
Step 4 (optional): Lightly sand the newly-filled imperfection to blend it and achieve a natural-looking repair.

Powder Color Guide

Color Name

Ash Knot Color Wood Repair Powder
Black Color Wood Repair Powder
Cherry Color Wood Repair Powder
Oak Knot Color Wood Repair Powder
Oak (Blonde)
Oak Knot Color Wood Repair Powder
Oak Knot (Special 3)
Merbau Color Wood Repair Powder
Smoked Oak Color Wood Repair Powder
Smoked Oak
White Color Knot Filler Powder

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