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  • Pine Color Knot Filler Pellets

Rangate Knot Filler Pellets

Knot Filler pellets are designed for high-volume industrial applications. It's the most efficient and cost-effective way to do wood repairs when it is a full-time, every day task at your business. Each order is for a 20kg (44lb) sack of single-color pellets.
US $791.95
CAN $842.95
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Are Knot Filler Pellets Right for Your Shop?

These pellets were developed based on requests from industrial clients, who wanted an automated solution with the same durability and resilience as our Knot Filler rods. This form enables volume repair work to continue uninterrupted, without any time spent changing rods or waiting for a gun to heat. It's perfect for volume applications like flooring tile plants.

How to Use Knot Filler Pellets

This form requires specialized automatic machines which are loaded by pouring the granulated filler into a tank. We don't carry the machinery necessary to use this form, but we can help you find what you need if your production calls for volume wood repair.

Color Guide

Find our latest Knot Filler Brochure here, with information on formulations, colors, and physical properties for all of our Knot Filler types.

Color Name
Black Color Knot Filler Pellets Black
Gray Color Knot Filler Pellets Gray
Pine Color Knot Filler Pellets Pine
Mahogany Color Knot Filler Pellets Mahogany
Cola Color Knot Filler Pellets Cola (Rosewood)
Wenge Color Knot Filler Pellets Wenge
Semitransparent Color Knot Filler Pellets Semi-Transparent (Knot)

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