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  • Pizzi Sponge Rollers

Pizzi Sponge Roller Replacements

Our sponge rollers are designed to work with thinner PVA glues which would drip or run if being spread by a hard surface. If you're working with thin glues or on uneven surfaces which require the roller to adjust to the contours of the wood, these sponge rollers are perfect for the job.
The legacy part numbers are 9940 9941 9950 9942 respectively.
Sponge Roller Diameter
US $43.95
CAN $57.95
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Product Description

Sponge rollers are specialized to work with low-viscosity glues which would otherwise run or spread poorly. For most standard PVA glues, our rubber roller attachments will be more suited to the job.

Rangate Pizzi glue equipment is designed for use with PVA glues only. This includes all the common "white glue" and "yellow glue” used in woodworking, like Titebond® I, II, and III. This item is not intended for use with PVC glues or contact cement.

Set-Up & Maintenance

All of our glue nozzles are made to last, with basic maintenance. Because they are porous and soak up glue, sponge rollers require special care in flushing out and rinsing. After the job is completed, apply pressure to wring the nozzles out of any excess glue. Be sure to flush the nozzle of any remaining glue with water- use our Tap Adapter which works with all of our nozzles for the best results. For a full description of how to get the most out of your Pizzi glue system, consult our maintenance guide.

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