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  • No-Rot Dowels
  • No-Rot Dowels

No-Rot Dowels

With highly rot-resistant properties, the Rangate No-Rot Dowels are perfect for use in any projects exposed to moisture, heat, and cold, where over time, ordinary dowels can fail and become the weak point of the entire construction. It's great for window, door and any outdoor furniture solid wood joinery.

We have matching dowel drill bits for proper glue up.
US $197.95
CAN $217.95
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Product Description

Our dowels are manufactured in Germany from the strong wood of the Robinia tree (Black Locust), which is tough, durable, and resistant to the elements. With Rangate NoRot dowels, you can be confident you are using dowels which match the high performance of your joinery. Each batch is sorted three times by hand to verify a high standard of quality and ensure you can be confident in every joining you use our products in.

Proper Use & Storage

NoRot dowels are available in three diameter sizes- (ø10x100mm, ø12x100mm, and ø16x150mm), each in bundle bags of in 2-kg, 5-kg, or 10-kg. To preserve the strength and quality of your dowels, be sure to store them in a dry place away from direct sunlight or excess moisture.

Technical Data

Diameter Tolerance: +/- 0.2mm
Length Tolerance: +/- 1.0mm
Drying: Air and Chamber-Dried, 8%
Sorting: DIN 68150

10mm Dowels
Product Code Bag Weight Approx. Quantity per Bag
D102KG 2KG Bag / 4.4 lbs 330
D105KG 5KG / 11 lbs 825
D0010 10KG / 22 lbs 1650

12mm Dowels
Product Code Bag Weight Approx. Quantity per Bag
D122KG 2KG Bag / 4.4 lbs 190
D125KG 5KG / 11 lbs 475
D0012 10KG / 22 lbs 950

16mm Dowels
Product Code Bag Weight Approx. Quantity per Bag
D162KG 2KG Bag / 4.4 lbs 88
D165KG 5KG / 11 lbs 220
D0016 10KG / 22 lbs 440

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