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  • Knot Filler Gun

Knot Filler Gun


This heavy-duty heating gun is a popular choice for applying Knot Filler rods. While it's right for the job, it's not your only option- most adjustable temperature hot-glue guns can be used. There are two requirements of your dispensing gun: Our rod's diameter is 12mm (a little less than 1/2") with 295mm (about 11") in length, and there are three melting points depending on the rod used. Please refer to our Knot Filler Rods' colors and melting points chart. If you already have a gun that fits these two requirements, you're set.

This item has a flat $20 USD / $25 CAD shipping rate when purchased alone- for best value, consider our Knot Filler ReadySet.

Questions about Knot Filler? Click here for answers.

US $129.00
CAN $146.00
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Using the Knot Filler Gun

Before using the gun, consult the package of your Knot Filler rods to find the right melting point for the color you're working with.

  • Load in a rod by placing it in the end of the gun, and pull the trigger lever to set it firmly in the inlet tube.
  • Switch on the power at the base of the grip, then adjust the dial on the underside of the gun to the correct temperature.
  • Wait for it to heat up- about 3 minutes. A metal stabilizer keeps the gun upright while resting on the table.

  • Be sure not to remove the rod from the gun while it's still hot; wait for rods to cool down and solidify before taking them out.

Knot Filler Gun Options

Knot Filller rods can be used with any variable-temperature hot-glue gun which can adjust from 140°C / 285°F to 210°C / 410°F. If you've already got one, there's no need to purchase a special gun exclusively for using Knot Filler rods- just flush out your gun before using it with Knot Filler.

If you are a higher volume user, or if you need to switch colors often, you may want to get an additional gun to minimize labor and material waste.

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