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Knot Filler

RKF100 Single Color

Rangate Knot Filler is one of the most powerful tools available for any wood shop. Imagine all the time you would save with a non-toxic, permanent repair that’s ready to be worked in under 5 minutes, using common tools available in any shop. It's a great alternative to epoxy in many wood repair applications. We carry 14 different colors in extra-hard or flexible variants to match the specs of your project.

Volume pricing and free ground shipping available for orders of 3+

If you need all of the tools to get started, we've got you covered with our ReadySet.

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US $63.95
CAN $79.95
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Product Description

No other filler has the combination of benefits Rangate Knot Filler has:

Speed. Your repair is complete and ready to be cut or sanded in under a minute, instead of hours or days.
Ease of Use. No mixing or setup is required, and your filler can be applied with any variable-temperature hot glue gun.
Right for Any Job. Knot Filler can be used in any application- tough enough to be used both indoors and outdoors, and flexible enough to be used for curved fills and on corners. Some colors are flexible and can be easily cut or turned after being applied. Others are hard, and will stand up to heavy wear and tear in uses like flooring.
Wide Choice of Colors. Match the tone of your wood for a seamless look, or use a contrasting color to highlight it- the choice is yours. Unleash your creativity and experiment!
Accepts Finish. Knot Filler can be sanded, painted, stained with no special preparation or hazards.
Non-Toxic. Unlike other filling options, there’s no need to protect against inhaling toxic fumes or particles when working with Knot Filler.
5-Year Warranty. We’re confident our Knot Filler rods will last as long as you need them, if stored and used properly.

Each Knot Filler Single-Color Pack contains 9 same-colored knot filler rods, each 295mm long, and 12mm in diameter.

How to Use Rangate Knot Filler

Step 1: Load the polyamide nylon rod into your knot filler gun, and turn it on. Wait for your knot filler gun to heat to the melting point of your chosen Knot Filler color (table below)
Step 2: Use the gun to apply the filler to the wood imperfection. Be sure to apply slightly more at the end of the repair.
Step 3: Use a cooling block to cool down the hot material. Place it on the filled imperfection and let stand for about 10 to 60 seconds, mainly depending on the depth of the repair. Most voids take 10 to 20 seconds.
Step 4: Using a knot filler chisel, remove any excess filler.
Step 5 (optional): Lightly sand the newly-filled imperfection to blend it and achieve a natural-looking repair.

Removing Knot Filler Rods: Once you've inserted a Knot Filler Rod into your gun and begun to use it, we recommend using the rod completely instead of removing it to use a different color. If you need to remove a rod, turn the gun and wait for the gun to reach the melting temperature of the rod before removing it- this minimizes the risk of damage to the heating element.
If you're doing high-volume work with more than 1 color, we recommend having 2 separate guns.

Here is a downloadable instruction sheet. Enjoy wood repairing with matching or vibrant colors!

How to Choose the Right Knot Filler Type

Our most popular colors are Black, Mahogany, Walnut, Semi-Transparent/Knot and Oak. Our users love these colors for projects like flooring, tabletops, reclaimed wood slabs, and other furniture pieces. These colors can allow you to disguise a knot, or highlight it with contrast for an artistic look. All colors can be painted and stained, which gives you even greater flexibility.

The lower melting temperature knot fillers are great for a quick application- apply, chisel and go. A very light or hand sanding can be applied to finish the repair.

Our medium range temperature variants are the most popular types- they balance the ability to be cut and shaped post-repair with being firm enough to be sanded.

Wenge color filler is designed to endure the highest melting temperature at 410ºF (210ºC). Once applied, cooled and hardened, the repaired pieces can then be finished with a wide belt sander to remove the excess any knot filler.

Color Melting Point Can Be:
White Color Knot Filler White 140°C / 285° F Cut
Ash Color Knot Filler Ash 140°C / 285° F Cut
Pine Color Knot Filler Pine 140°C / 285° F Cut
Beech Color Knot Filler Beech 140°C / 285° F Cut
Oak Color Knot Filler Oak 140°C / 285° F Cut
Semitransparent Color Knot Filler Semi-Transparent/Knot 140°C / 285° F Cut
Black Color Knot Filler Black 160°C / 320° F Cut and Sanded
Walnut Color Knot Filler Walnut 160°C / 320° F Cut and Sanded
Cherry Color Knot Filler Cherry 160°C / 320° F Cut and Sanded
Mahogany Color Knot Filler Mahogany 160°C / 320° F Cut and Sanded
Pine Light Color Knot Filler Pine Light 160°C / 320° F Cut and Sanded
Yellow Color Knot Filler Yellow 160°C / 320° F Cut and Sanded
Gray Color Knot Filler Gray 160°C / 320° F Cut and Sanded
Wenge Color Knot Filler Wenge 210°C / 410° F Sanded

Knot Filler has built a grassroots reputation as one of the most essential time-savers for every wood shop. Thanks to you, we've optimized our operations and are passing on the savings to the woodworkers who love it! We’re excited to announce a permanent lower price for Knot Filler, as well as free ground shipping for our StarterSet, ReadySet, and all orders of 3+ packs. Consider this our way of showing our appreciation!
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