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  • Jowi R660 2x2 Cart
  • Handling with Jowi R660 Rack

JOWI R660 2/2 Storage Rack

We're proud to bring JOWI's world-renowned carts to the North American market. These carts feature 2/2 bar arrangements and 660mm bars, in both 11 and 16-bar levels. This robust 660mm version can support heavy loads or solid wood furniture. With these racks, it doesn't matter what you're working on, or where- because what matters is always within reach.
This item is only available as a special order. Please contact us to inquire about its availability.
Product Description

These JOWI storage racks set the industry standard for durability and ease of use. A few turns of a hexagon bolt is all it takes to adjust the height between levels, with the added option of removing bars entirely for irregular workpieces. The ball-bearing castors with a convex tread make maneuvering your rack effortlessly responsive, even in tight spaces. The carrying bars have a plastic cover that is resistant to solvents and compatible with all commonly used varnishing systems. Best of all, the racks can easily be pushed together and stacked to save space- many stacked carts barely take up more space than a single one in your shop.

Technical Data

Max weight per carrying bar: 28KG (61.5 lbs)
Max weight per rack: 500KG (1200 lbs)
Distance between bars: For 11-level, 113mm; For 16-level, 66mm

Our standard stock are the 2/2 rack types, but special accordion or other specialty racks are available for special order- use the form on this page to inquire.
To ensure good ventilation while finished pieces are drying, we recommend keeping about 40mm of distance between the workpiece and the upper carrying bar.

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