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  • Jowi Octopus D2 Spray Table
  • Jowi Octopus D2 Spray Table, Folded
  • Action radius of the Jowi Octopus support arms
  • Nail pads for Jowi Octopus Finishing Table

JOWI Octopus D2 Finishing Table

The JOWI Octopus D2 is designed for heavy-duty spray finishing. It can support loads up to 120kg (264 lbs) with the same freely positionable radial arms as the original Octopus.
This item is only available as a special order. Please contact us to inquire about its availability.
Product Description

Compared to the more compact D1, the Octopus D2 has a reinforced base to hold even large workpieces steady while resisting any tipping over. The base features adjustable contact points which can correct for uneven floors, making it even sturdier.

Because your work pieces are not resting on a table, this table solves the problem of excess finish clinging to the bottom of the piece. The entire support surface can be rotated by the user, which allows the user to stay stationary while rotating the workpiece as needed- perfect for saving space and time and avoiding mist. The Octopus features a design which ensures the pivot arms can operate even when covered in thick layers of overspray. The table can be protected even further by a thin layer of Bates BC Boothcoating applied to the arms.

The support buffers can be screwed on and off and replaced with wooden blocks with nails to fasten to the table for extra hold.

Technical Data

Maximum Weight: 120 kg /264 lbs Maximum Adjustable Radius: 1190mm x 1390mm Adjustable Height: 730mm - 930mm

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