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  • Jowi Nautilus Transport Rack
  • Jowi Nautilus Transport Rack

JOWI Nautilus Transport Rack

RJ NA2-780-3/2-40-1/0: Whether you're storing items horizontally, vertically, or both at the same time, the JOWI Nautilus can adapt to move your workpieces securely and without damage. You can even customize the bar alignment for maximum flexibility.
This item is only available as a special order. Please contact us to inquire about its availability.
Product Description

Because the Nautilus is equally adept at handling both smaller and larger pieces securely, it's ideal for moving all of the components for a project on the same rack. The Nautilus has 3 L-shaped uprights and 2 i-shaped uprights, each with 8 support tubes. The two floor and raised shelves feature a mildly slanted design which allows gravity to pieces stable during transport. The load capacity of the Nautilus is unmatched- stack items either standing or lying directly next to each other. The telescoping area at the rear of the cart is designed for large pieces up to 3 x 2 meters- big enough to handle just about anything that can fit in your shop. All bars can be unscrewed and repositioned elsewhere, customizing the functionality of your cart for the fit that works perfectly for your shop.

The largest pieces can be stored in full on the rear of the rack. Telescoping supports increase the size capacity of the rack when you need it, and make it easy to store when you don't.
The rack features 160mm lockable castors with a convex tread for maximum maneuverability.

Technical Data

Model: RJ NA2-780-3/2-40-1/0

  • 3 x L-shaped uprights with telescopic extensions for larger board area
  • 2 x i-shaped uprights
  • 40 x 780mm support tubes
  • 1 x bottom shelf: 1,400 x 780 mm (max. load capacity at 600 kg)
  • Plug-in system with locking screw for support tubes
  • 23 slots for support tubes per upright
  • Diameter of the support tubes: 23 mm
  • Working length of the support tubes: 780 mm
  • Solvent resistant tube coverings, compatible with common varnishes
  • 8 zinc coated cross tubes 1,444 mm long
  • 4 steering Ø160 mm castors
  • Cast polyurethane tread, 2 of them with brakes
  • Max. load capacity on 1 support tube: 11 kg
  • Max. load capacity on the whole rack: 600 kg
  • Requirements: Even load distribution, no shock loads
  • Length x depth x height: 1,586 mm x 990-1,120 mm x 1,710 mm
  • Steel construction, varnishing: RAL 3004, purple-red
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