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  • Gutmann LARA Cladding
  • Gutmann LARA Cladding
  • Gutmann LARA Cladding
  • Gutmann LARA Cladding

Gutmann LARA Cladding

Gutmann LARA
Gutmann LARA cladding is an intelligent solution curtain wall construction capable of meeting the highest standards of performance. This innovative system gives both crafters and architects high-quality technology and nearly endless freedom in designing.

Interested in making wood-ALU windows? It's important to integrate cladding into your design. Check out our Quick Start guide to see how we can help you develop and produce an engineered window system.

Want to find out more about how cladding integrates into a window system? Visit our window cladding resources

Product Description

The glazing system is screwed onto simple square glue-laminated wood pieces, or onto certified laminated veneer wood pieces (e.g. steel or aluminium beams). This saves time and ensures no special preparation of the transom profile is necessary.

LARA features maximum tightness, even with multiple divided sections. It facilitates overlap of the interior mullion-transom gaskets on four levels at the T-joint, saving space and giving architects and builders more room to realize their ideas. The glass is enclosed completely within the profile system- the system works with glass thicknesses from 9mm to 50mm.

Ordering Gutmann Cladding

If you're exploring options for wood-ALU windows, Rangate is your partner for design and engineering expertise. We offer Gutmann cladding because we're dedicated to providing North American wood window producers with all of the tools they need to craft some of the best windows in the world. This works best when our engineering and design teams work with you to incorporate the cladding system seamlessly into the design of your window. Our expertise in working through this process with your team is unmatched in the marketplace. To find out why and hear about the successful case studies we've helped through this process, contact us.

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